Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tree Wise Men

On the way to work this morning I followed the Tree Wise Men! - and No, it wasn't Sean, Patrick and Seamus, the Irish Mastermind team!

Now, I know there is a little place near Tauranga called Bethlehem, but in all the years I have live here I cant say I have ever seen a manger there, and there is a distinct lack of virgins in the area, and I haven't smoked any myhr for ages.

I thought perhaps they had got lost (and were a little late) on the way to some particular event soon to be celebrated.

And if they are so wise, how come they are lost?
so WHO, are the Tree Wise Men.

They are, if you haven't already guessed, ARBORISTS.
A Tauranga company Specialising in Tree removal, care and maintenance, relocation, chipping etc etc

A great piece of marketing guys

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What the HELL is going on?

Four thugs brutally beat a man to death in cold blood in Te Puke this week as he withdrew $100 from a cash machine.

Today they are back out in society (with name suppression of course) - they are allowed out on bail - one of them allowed to continue going to work - until their case is heard!

Two of these lowlifes handed themselves in to the police admitting to the murder.

What is WRONG with our justice [sic] system that allows this to happen?

Why are these scum not locked up until the trial? - especially as they have admitted the crime!

Heaven help you if you are caught with a bag of dope - a crime without a victim I may add. You would recieve far worse treatment

Another young scumbag in Tauranga, David Stephenson, who beat up a taxi driver a couple of years ago and left him within inches of his life has been let out early after serving only 9 months of a 20 month sentence.

Less than four months after his release, he has featured in the local newspaper on two occasions in the last two weeks.

He broke a guys nose because he didnt like the way he spoke to his friend, and today he has been accused of punching a guy in the mouth and breaking several teeth. He denies this assault as he says he was too drunk to remember!.

Yet another Tauranga murderer let out before completing his sentence for killing a woman a couple of years ago has this time killed a young child whom he was supposed to be looking after.


Who is not doing their job properly?

Who is supposed to be protecting us from these predators

Who is responsible for letting them back into civilisation to kill again?

Whoever it is needs to be given a bloody good shake-up - they are as guilty of these crimes as the perpetrators of these vile crimes

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mary Dillon Needs Rehabilitation

Mary Dillon has spent so many years with her fingers in the ratepayers pockets that now she no longer has access she is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
She has become so addicted to this affliction she refuses to accept the facts, and I recommend a good dose of Rehab to ease her back into the real world! Her case is not unique though! Anything artificially inflated or funded - including such things as schools, bands, artists etc - are buoyed for as long as funding lasts. When it’s witdrawn, and they have to stand on their own two feet, they often find they have lost the ability to do so. These people lose the ability to earn or create money in the REAL world, as it is given to them - without having to earn it , and often without merit. They stop fundraisisng. Don’t work extra hours. They lose the hunger to succeed that is fueled by necessity to survive and henceforth slowly lose community support and spirit. Finally though, The cat is out of the bag! Mary is not content with just anywhere to display the citys history - she wishes to build a MONUMENT (inclusive of a huge WOW factor!) Now that she no longer has access to the ratepayers wallets, I encourage her in her pursuit of her monument on a pier, and I volunteer to personally engrave her name on the brass plaque at its entrance - free of charge - so long as she does so with private money. Mary can build it on the bloody MOON for all I care - so long as she doesnt resort to FORCE to build it there!

Somehow I can’t see this happening though - Mary and her ilk only know one way to get what they want, and to hell with whether it is moral or principled. Mary is the old fashoied “beat it with a stick untill it pays-up” type, and that is not a nice way to behave now is it?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Change the Flag

There has been more talk lately of changing the NZ Flag, and I am all in favour of it!

I believe it should more closely resemble the political direction of our country, and ally itself more closely to the feelings and demands of the people, and for this reason I would first change the colour from Blue to Red, and then I would replace each of the 4 stars with a small yellow hammer and sickle - much like the example above.

Now that flag much more closely resembles what the majority want in this country - it REALLY says New Zealand to me! What do you think?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Save the Tigers - and the Kiwi (yawn)

PS: Let me know if you want a T-shirt - only $45 nz including postage - all proceeds to "The Free Radical" magazine.

Yet another story this week in the BOP Times concerning the plight of endangered species - Tigers to be specific! - makes a change from the usual bleating on about the Kiwi I suppose.
I wrote this to the paper in reply.

What do Tigers and Kiwis have in common? - They’re both in danger of extinction! They’re also both protected species, it is illegal to own, kill, or profit from selling them dead, alive or in pieces, and this is the very reason they’re near extinction. They’re so rare, the value of the skins and various parts fetch a fortune on the black market - and to desperate/poor people, worth the risks of getting caught - (the same as anything that’s banned or overly regulated by the government.) THE BOP Times story says a miracle is needed to save the tiger population, but I say the answer is nowhere near as mystical, imaginary or government-funded as that - the answer lays in simple property rights! How do I know? Why am I so sure? 48 million SHEEP says it works that’s why!
There’s obviously a market for tiger parts, and there always will be. no matter what governments say or how much money they waste trying to stop it. Instead of ignoring this fact, why not embrace it. The tiger population will benefit, poachers will lose the monopoly and the market and consumers will be able to purchase at fair market value instead of the inflated price of illegal goods The more governments spend on protecting and catching poachers, the higher the cost of the animal on the black market! The higher the price is, the more worthy the risk, so more people consider taking the risk, as everybody has a price right! and the more desperate/poor you are, the less is that price! Attempting to save the tigers (and the kiwi) by making them protected species, and making it illegal to own, breed, cultivate or sell, either alive or in pieces is equivalent to standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up by the handle - an impossible, and ridiculous task, but governments are good at that aren’t they! If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And when it stops moving, subsidise it. Almost EVERYBODY wants to save the Kiwi (and maybe the tiger too), but NOBODY appears to want to acknowledge the facts, and really do what it takes to get the job done. I can see it now - MAF’s new slogan Save the Kiwi - sell it by the kilo! It’s never going to happen is it? - may as well brace ourselves now for a lifetime of bleating on about the poor endangered kiwi - oh, and the tiger of course

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Long Time ago when we were fab!

This post is a little different to my usual ravings here on my blog, but this was a pretty special moment for me, so just wanted to document it.

Steve and Dee Spinx, and Holly and Graham Clark.

Me and Steve Spinxs in 2007, and below, Steve Spinx and me in 1973

When my family emigrated to New Zealand in 1969, there were very few English people in the area, and through my early school years there I was treated as a bit of a novelty by many of the kids.

I was quite popular with the girls for this reason, and frequently - to my fathers amusement - called upon by the young ladies of the area.

I recall one such day when one of the most attractive girls in our area of Bellevue, Kerry Heane came to visit, along with her friend Marie.

They rode round to my house on a horse. I had no way of getting up onto the thing, so my dad picked me up, and sat me behind Kerry, I still recall to this day, hanging on to her for dear life as she galloped off down the road.

For some reason though I didnt have the same effect on the boys! - The opposite in fact! and I recall being the object of attention of several bullies for a couple of years after I arrived in the country.

Things started to change as more POMS moved into the area, and before too long had a small group of ex pat Brits as friends.

Stephen Turner
, Stephen Spinx, John Batt, Mark Stubbings, Stuart Burns just to mention a few.

It wasnt just the kids though - When a new family moved into the area, you soon found out about them, and before too long would meet up, whether it was through football, or via another English friend.

First up, I met Stephen Turner. Stephen and I both loved football, and we were both pretty good. At lunchtime we would get a soccer ball and go down to the field.

The kiwis were hopeless at soccer, and we would dribble all around, keeping the ball off them, untill we were too tired to carry on, and then CHIP the ball over the crowd of kids to the other, who would carry on and do the same. We would keep the ball to ourselves for the entire lunchtime on occasion.

Stephen and I went through Intermediate, and college together. My brother Jeff was best friends with Steves brother, Mike

Stephens family just couldn't settle, and returned to the UK about 4 times before finally settling in Christchurch, NZ where they live today.

I have seen Stephen several times, and we keep in touch.

My very best friend through these early years though was Stephen Spinx.

Steve turned up in Tauranga in the early 70s. He was so cool. I remember him wearing these wicked Ben Sherman shirts with round collars. His school shes were wicked, and had big thick leather soles that were wider than the shoe itself. He also brought with him something really NEW. Smelly stuff for men!
All that was available here in those days was Old Spice, and that's what your dad wore. Steve brought with him the very latest trendy stuff called BRUT.

Anyway, Steve and I did everything together - fishing, football, listening to the BBC on the radio to hear the latest SLADE or Suzie Quatro song on Top of the Pops.
We used to go out at night-time, and raid peoples fruit trees in their back garden (scrumping as we called it!).

We never stole anything or touched anything else, only mandarins, oranges, feijoas etc - just the thrill of being somewhere and doing something we shouldn't be doing.
I got my licence at 15, and we used to go out visiting girls. I remember one particular party, and all the hottest chicks in our year at school were there. Kerry Smith, Michelle Longley, Michelle Nicie, and we were playing spin the bottle.

Steve really had the hots for Kerry Smith, and he spun the bottle and it pointed to her, so off they went into the bushes together.
Steve and I were both really good at football, and played for the reps, and later Tauranga City together. We also started a 5-a-side team called the Dominoes. My mother worked at the Bellevue chip shop with Steves mother Pat, and my brother was friends with Steves brother Del.

As you see, we shared those memorable, and formative years together - some of the most enjoyable days of my life.
Anyway, both Steves and my parents returned to the UK, and we lost touch with each other - that is until recently - courtesy of the internet. We corresponded occasionally, and then Steve informed me that he and his wife Dee were coming to New Zealand to attend a wedding, and would I like to meet up. So, over 30 years since we last saw each other, we met again.

Steve and Dee, and Holly and I got on like a house on fire, and had a very nice time together on a couple of occasions.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A bit like waiting for the bus!

For those of you who visit my blog to see what I have been raving on about lately you will notice things have been a little sporadic of late!
My blog is a bit like waiting for the bus - Nothing for ages, then several come along at the same time. I shan't bother making apologies, but as you can see by my latest posting, I have been busy writing letters - I just haven't posted them here for a while. My success rate with the local paper is probably about 50% - half get published - the other half ignored. I get quite a bit of positive feedback from people who always tell me they look out for my letters - this comes in the form of face to face with both people I know and complete strangers, and about 1 phone call every couple of weeks. Any NEGATIVE feedback ALWAYS comes in the form of an anonymous letter POSTED to my address - I don't get many of these, but they do not bother me, and none as yet have been threatening. Anyway, I shall continue, and thanks to those who tune in here to read what I have to say, and thanks to PC and all my Libertarian aquaintances from whom I learn something almost every day. My repetitive "banging on" as some people like to refer to it, has most DEFINITELY paid off - especially in the Tauranga area. We now have councillors, talking about, and putting into practice some of the things Russell Watkins and I have been barraging them with over the past few years. - (read some of my latest posts)

Lack of principle

I sympathise with the comments made by Bill Turner, but I am afraid it is due to the lack of principle by such people that we find ourselves in this cursed museum debate in the first place!

People who believe they have a right to spend - unearned - the wages of others!

Mr Turner thinks it is OK to steal money from other people and spend it on a Library, but it is NOT OK to spend it on a Museum, whereas, others in the community may believe the opposite, (while Crs Dillon and Pankhurst are just plain greedy and want both - and anything else they can think of besides!)

Museum, Library, tiddly-winks centre - whats the difference?

If Mr Turner wants to play the “game” under the rules as they are now (ie using stolen money) then he must be equally prepared to be “shafted” by those in power with their own ideas on what to spend it on! A more moral and just system would be to keep your own money and spend it on projects of your choice - that way EVERYBODY is happy - nobody is shafted, and nobody gets robbed! Unfortunately there are far too many out there who want to interfere in the lives of others and say how they should spend ther wages!

Looters out in force AGAIN

Barely has the corpse of the council-funded museum been lain to rest, and the looters are looking for OTHER ways to spend the loot, taken from the ratepayers!

Mr Jones (BOP Times 7 /11/07) wants it spent on bus terminals - Mrs Smith wants it spent on something else, and no doubt there are hordes out there with brilliant ideas of how much should be taken in the future and what it should be spent on.

Please! Take your hands out of other peoples pockets and refrain from telling me what I should spend my earning on for my own good!

If you are that passionate about your beliefs, stick your hands into your OWN pockets and do something about achieving them instead of standing behind a bully (the council) and getting THEM to do your dirty work for you!

Perhaps you could lend your money and excess energy to Bill Faulkner and the mayor, who are about to embark upon a milestone in the history of our council - the pursuit of achieving a facilty for the city without forcing ratepayers to pay for it against their will - the most outstanding and inspired piece of REAL THINKING by the council I have EVER witnessed.

Let’s hope they get the hang of this philosophy and apply it to OTHER projects. BRAVO to those involved

On Democracy

My response to a letter in the BOP Times concerning one persons idea of democracy

So Ewen Lowden thinks it is ok for the rights of the minority to be destroyed by the mob no matter if they are right or wrong!

If 49% want one thing, and 51% want another that means 49 people have to suffer! What is so good about that Mr Lowden?

This is the equivalent of two wolves and a sheep(le) voting on what to have for dinner! Just because the majority vote for it doesn't mean it is right!

Just ask the Jews in nazi Germany what THEY think of this concept!

If a majority of paedophiles lived on an island, would that make it OK to abuse young children?

This is what Mr Lowden believes is the acceptable replacement for intelligence, knowledge and experience - Mob Rule!

Mr Lowdens view of a civilised existence is seriously flawed as it relies on the use of force over intelligence to achieve its goals.

Mr Lowden - it is not possible to give ENOUGH weight to the intelligence of the individual, as the COLLECTIVE is but a group of individuals, and for this reason I do deny the way we govern ourselves.

The Brain - A limited resource

I get the feeling that some people think [sic] that the brain is a limited resource!

They are too scared to use it, and think for themselves in case they use it all up, and have none left for when they may need it again!

To save wasting those precious brain cells, they just blindly go along with the mob so as to keep a few in reserve for an emergency!

Well, I say to hell with it - do your best - go ahead and use them all up! Why put off till tomorrow something you can do today!

Get those brain cells jiggling about up there!

Create a bit of friction and see if you can get an original thought out of the process.

It’s getting tiresome hearing the “thought impaired” chanting for the same old use of force peddled out by all those stalwarts of compulsion.

What ever happened to a little individual and innovative thought - a little individual action?

I think it has been conditioned out of the majority of the population in much the same way as it has with the all Blacks - by the purveyors of political correctness and nannys brainwashing centres (sorry, government run schools)

How to get what you want at any cost

Binnie Brown - and many like her - want a museum real bad! So bad, they are prepared to use force on other people to get it!

Would they be prepared to walk downtown with a big stick, and beat people with it until they agree to their demands? - that’s the equivalent of what they demand.

But of course they are not prepared to do this personally - so they get behind a gang (also known as the council) and get “them” to do it for them!

Using force and bully tactics is not the only way to get things done!

It is also not the most efficient way or financially profitable way, and it most certainly s not the most moral way. Yet they still insist on doing things that way!

It is cowardly to hide behind a bully and egg it on to commit a crime upon others at your request.

This is how thugs like Hitler got to impose their way upon others! Instead of hiding behind the bully while it implements your dirty work, why not step out the front, and do something pro-active and voluntary instead of threatening to enlist a bigger gang to get what you want by force. Shame on you all!

Bravo the new Tauranga council!

It’s early days yet, and as the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding!” but I must say how excited I am with the actions of some of the new council!

Crs Faulkner, Crosby, (is it Brownlees?) and Town with their intention to start talks with the private sector to initiate a museum, and now Murray Guy - pro-active with the private sector to provide facilities for the young car enthusiasts. Two fantastic facilities for our area to be provided free of compulsion to the ratepayers, and both a huge asset to the community.

I can’t express how proud this makes me feel of the councillors we have elected.

This is “exactly” what they should be doing!

It has taken a long time for them to get the concept, but better late than never!

In regards to the “old crew” who were voted out, It goes to show just how easy it is to spend other peoples money, but with a little bit of creative thinking, the same objectives can be realised without the need to rob the ratepayers.

Time will tell if these new councillors will resort to their old habits, but credit where credit is due, and I sincerely thank them for their efforts in trying to benefit our city, and chosing not to ROB us for the privilege.


This is EXACTLY what I have been “banging on about” for all these years!