Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hearse scam

Land Transport NZ is promising swift action against people avoiding car registration fees by registering their vehicles as a "non-commercial hearse."
A Christchurch woman paid just $58 (a private car is normally $183) to register her car by saying it was used to carry dead animals, which is absolutely true - she picks up frozen chickens from the supermarket every week!
Mr Knackstedt of Land Transport NZ said the LTSA planned to have a little chat with Ministry of Transport and ACC officials to see what they can do to stop people doing it.
He said "the bottom line is, they're ripping off everyone else who is paying the ACC levy in good faith and behaving honestly."

What a croc of shite! WHO is paying these extra fees in good faith?
People are paying them because they are threatened by NANNY and her bully boys the LTSA, with a bloody big STICK if they don't pay them!
You are FORCED to pay them - they are not voluntary. Mr Knackstedt says people are paying them in good faith as if they are voluntary. These are WEASEL WORDS from a state funded WEASEL!
I say go hard all you entrepreneurs out there and good luck to you! - I say you are not ripping ME off, you are ripping off the people who are RIPPING ME OFF, and THEY DON'T LIKE GETTING A DOSE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE!
I offer you my encouragement

Friday, July 28, 2006

Solar Water Heating

Henry Marshall - Inventor

Henry Marshall is an engineer. he has also been a motorcycle mechanic, a truck mechanic, and a spring maker. He has built roads, reclamations, subdivisions, and sea walls. He has his quarymaster certificate, and his explosives ticket, but above all these things, he is an inventor.
A few years ago I would have been surprised if there was a dairy farmer in New Zealand that had not heard of, if not used on a daily basis, the Marshall Water Heater which he invented to supply an endless supply of hot water to milking sheds. His heaters are in countless homes and hostels, not to mention maraes, adventure camps and camping grounds throughout New Zealand.

Henry also claims to have invented the first emergency exit door double bolt release system frequently seen on fire exit doors throughout the world. I cannot substantiate this claim, but that is not the topic of this story.

Henry was born on the 5th May, 1925 in Labasa, the biggest town on Vanua Levu, which is one of the two major Islands that make up Fiji.

He left school at the age of 15 and travelled across the island to the west coast town of Savu Savu, carrying with him his worldly belongings in a cardboard box, and a tin chest - the carboard box however came to grief during one of the river crossings, due to the fact that there were no such thing as bridges in Fiji at the time - he had to swim - boxes and all.

Eventually upon reaching Savu Savu, he commenced work in the engineering workshop at the goldmine there, learning the basics of his many skills in vehicle and motorcycle mechanics, welding, and general engineering.

Around about this time - in the early 1940s, the war in the pacific was hotting up, and when the Japanese landed in the Solomon Islands, the goldmine in Savu Savu was closed down, and Henry, with nothing better to do, headed for the big city lights of Suva - the Capital City.

It was here whilst walking down the street, that he was acosted by the military Police, and virtually press-ganged into the 4th batallion of the Fijian army, as an engineer, fixing motorcyles and trucks.
The 4th batallion were camped in tents on the shore of Suva, ready to head off to the Solomons at a moments notice when news came of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and fortunately for Henry, signalling the end of the war.

On January 8th, 1946 Henry landed in New Zealand where he continued his work as a mechanic.

Henry married at the age of 25 to a New Zealand girl, and the first of his 8 children was born in Kaeo in Whangaroa, Northland.
It was here that he answered an advert for a job in Tauranga as a mechanic and welder for a man called Burt Duncan.

Come the early 1960’s Henry started out on his own as a springmaker and engineer, purchasing a property in Grey Street, Tauranga where he first designed and manufactured his emergency door opening system.

Also whilst at these premises he invented another thing that was to bring him to the attention of many New Zealanders - the Marshall caravan stabiliser. An ingenious device designed to stop trailers, boats and caravans from swaying and bouncing whilst being towed.

Henry made thousands of these things over the years, untill a new invention started to take shape in his mind - the marshall Water Heater.

Henry designed the Marshall Water Heater 39 years ago, after watching the flames of an open fire shooting up the chimney, and thinking that there must be a better, more economic use for all that wasted energy.

Henry successfully manufactured and marketed his heaters throughout New Zealand and Fiji for over 37 years, all the time improving, re-developing, and adding new models, amongst which are models to heat swimming pools and spa pools, domestic and commercial. He has also installed models to heat large industrial buildings, timber drying plants, underfloor heating for homes and restaurants. He has models fired automatically by waste oil, diesel, gas, solid fuels and a revolutionary solar panel, unmatched for performance anywhere in the world.

Apart from these heaters being extremely efficient, they are also the safest heaters on the market even today, because the entire fire box and flue are water jacketed. They are surrounded by a layer or jacket of water, so even when the heater is at its hottest, you can touch any part of the heater.

At 81 years old, Henry no longer owns the Marshall Water Heater company, although it still continues to operate under his name.

This minor detail has not stopped the man from continually developing and refining the system he invented almost 40 years ago.

Today he has incorporated a revolutionary solar heating system that is more than 3 times more efficient and more versatile than any other solar water heating system in the world.

A system that will heat your water, central heat your house, and air and dry your clothes, not to mention the optional extras of a portable cooking centre that incorporates a built-in wok, hot plate and oven, all of which require absolutely NO electricity to function.

This system is a work of genius, developed and perfected by a master heating engineer over a period of 40 years.

There is nobody that can match this man for knowledge in this area of expertise, and yet this amazing system is sitting going to waste. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Henry does not have the capital to develop it any further.

This latest invention by Henry Marshall could potentially save families hundreds of dollars every year in reduced power bills, but unless Henry can get an investor this work of genius will go begging.

I have a Mark I version Marshall heater in my house that I purchased second hand. It heats my water for endless hot showers, hot washes in the washing machine and dishwasher, and centrally heats a 3000sq m home whilst having a power bill of little more than $120 in the middle of winter. My system is a dinosaur - the model A Ford version. Meanwhile, Henry is in posession of the plans for the Rolls Royce version which is at least 3 times more efficient!

So, if there is an investor or entrepreneur out there who would like to find out more about this, please contact me, and I will put you in touch with Mr Marshall
- he would love to hear from you

Ten bands, fifteen questions

I found this at NotPC, who found it at Paula's place. The first step is to write down 10 bands quickly--the first ten off the top of your head. Mine are:

1: Dr Feelgood
2: Patti Smith Group
3: Tom Waits
4: Sensational Alex Harvey Band
5: Rolling Stones
6: Ian Hunter
7: The Fabulous Thunderbirds
8: Nick Cave
9: The Beatles
10: Johnny Winter

Then, there's the questions...

1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6? ''
All the Way From Memphis, when he was the singer for Mott the Hoople

2. What is your favourite album of 8? ''
No More Shall We Part

3. What is your favourite lyric of 5?"
I was driving home earaly one morning, listening to the gospel music on the coloured radio station, when the preacher said you will always have the lord by your side.
I was so pleased to be informed of this - I ran 20 red lights in his honour - thank you Jesus - Thank you lord!

4. How many times have you seen 4 live?
None unfortunately

5. What is your favourite song by 7?
She's Tough

6. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
Georgia Lee on Mule Variations - about a small girl that had been murdered

7.What is your favourite lyric of 9?
It is Lennon and McArtney were talking about here - talk about an impossible question to answer!
Let me see, how about.
I am the egg man, I am the Walrus - goo goo ga jube! (the least most memorable lyric of course!) or Let me take you down, cos I'm going to . . . or Rocky Racoon, checked into his room, only to find Gideons Bible! or I'm so tired I'M feeling so upset,. Im'm so tired - I'll have another cigarette, and curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid GIT! or here come old flat top, he come grooving up slowly etc etc

8. What is your favourite song by 1? '
There are so many songs that epitomise Dr Feelgood for me. All their different guitarists were so influential so here's one by each.
Down By The Jetty (with Wilko)
As Long as the Price Is Right (with Johnny)
Quit While Your Behind (with Gordon)
Nadine (with Steve)

9. How did you get into 8?
Saw the video to the song "under 16 feet of pure white snow" on the tv - weht out and purchased the album the next day

10. What is your favourite song by 4? '

11. How many times have you seen 1 live?
Once in Rotorua at Tudor Towers
Once in Tauranga at the Otumoetai Trusst Hotel about 5 years later, where I was asked up on stage by Lee Brilleaux to have a jam with them. Also got backstage, and got autographs, and had a few beers with the guys. Lee also gave me his enamel Dr Feelgood badge.
Once in Hamilton a week later. Lee spotted me dancing in the crowd, and announced a "special guest" and called me up on stage from the middle of the crowd! - What a buzz
Once in Portsmouth about 5 years later

12. What is a good memory concerning 2?
Standing in line to get tickets at Wembley Arena - Some long hair in a leather jacket (looked a bit like me at the time!) walked up to me and gave me 2 tickets - said they were FREE, and then walked off, and into the arena via a side door.
I followed him, and was met by a huge bouncer, who looked at the tickets, and said - "Oh, the SPECIAL ENCLOSURE" - follow me. - It was up in the EXCLUSIVE balcony - armchairs - bar, and all kinds of other luxuries! - all about 10 feet from the stage.
The best gig I have ever been to.

13. Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad? !
Patti Smith doesn't really do sad!

14. What is your favourite song of 6? '
Ian Hunter is a legend in my eyes - how can you possibly pick 1 song - it could be any one of hundreds! Try Irene Wild, Ships, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Cleveland Rocks, Rest In Peace, I Wish I was Your Mother etc etc

15. How did you become a fan of 10?
Kick ass hard, loud, fast, rock n roll/blues amazing slide guitar and traditional blues as well - this guy has it all for me in this musical genre. I stumbled across him by accident whilst looking for a song called FRANKENSTEIN (which is writen and performed by his brother, Edgar Winter). If you want to see an AMAZING piece of 70s rock music check out this video clip - it sure as hell blew me away.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What you mean "WE" Kimosabe?

Every now and again (all too infrequently I'm afraid - and not counting letters from my accomplice, Mr Billy Bones!) somebody writes an outstanding letter to the editor, and tonight was such an occasion, which I have included below. Following that is my reply - inspired by a joke posted on the most excellent blog on the bloggosphere - NotPC.
Give Ratepayers a Break
Again Tauranga City council is showing complete disregard to its ratepayers when it recently announced the building of a sports and exhibition centre adjacent to Baypark Stadium.
I have no doubt such a venue would be welcomed by the majority of ratepayers, however the idea that it is to be built and managed by the council is frightening.
This is not the core business of ANY council and such a project should only be handled by private enterprise
As a former manager of an exhibitiion centre in a north Island city I can speak with considerable expertise that it will NEVER SHOW A PROFIT unless it is privately owned as ours was.
To combine sports with exhibition use is another road to disaster as sporting codes will never meet the hire fees necessary to pay the bills.
Very few, if ANY, council run venues run at a profit, so once again ratepayers will be forced to pick up the difference.
Neville Dixon, Papamoa

My letter in reply and support to the above
Every day I read the newspaper, and almost every day I feel impelled to reply to a letter or defend my wallet, earnings or property from some interfering councillor wishing to force me to pay for a museum or art gallery or 2.8 Million dollar park upgrade or some other mindless, monument building show of force. There is always somebody saying what are "WE" going to do about it, or "WE" must get more "funding, " or "WE" have become too PC! or "WE" should ban something they don't like, when all I can say is "what do you mean 'WE' Kimosabe? (or paleface - whatever you prefer!)

Since I discovered I was not one of the sheeple, and started using my brain for "thinking with" as opposed to blindly taking for granted what government tells me is true, I have spent my time campaigning against the pc nutters and the purveyors of compulsion and the fundamentalists of force, hoping to turn on the brain of the occasional sheeple! So, what a treat it was to read the letter from Neville Dixon - I would have been proud to write that one myself! - Thank you Neville - I can't wait to read your next letter!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The problem is "Too Much Sand!"

I heard the funniest thing on the radio this morning. Martin Devlin on Radio Live said (although HE may have been quoting somebody else!) that:

What have all the trouble spots in the world got in common?

Answer: An abundance of SAND!
Iran, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Israel

Solution: Cover the world in CONCRETE for world Peace!

Of course, this was all said in jest, but is there a link between the abundance of SAND, and CIVILISATION (or covering the world in concrete!). ie progress, property rights, capitalism, development etc etc - I don't know - just a thought.

He did go on to add Whitianga, and Mount Maunganui for their riots on New Years Eve, and several sandy Australian hot spots.

Crime is South Africa (Pt2)

For those of you interested in what is going on in South Africa, this website is an excellent source of information.
As I suspected, this website was censored by the SA Government, so the authors are now publishing it from the USA, and it is now available for you to check out. - here is their explanation:


As from Monday, July 24 we are hosting this website from USA.

As from Monday, July 24 you will be redirected to our new upgraded site that will bring you more polls, interactive chat forums and less technical problems.

The new struggle for safety and security in South Africa has begun!

Crime Expo SA aims to highlight the South African brutality by means of international exposure.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Atlas Shrugged movie:

A Trilogy -- Starring Angelina Jolie?
I can't wait, but at the same time I'm as scared as hell!
For me, Peter Jackson did a fantastic job with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - he really pulled it off. The characters, the cinematographys, the dialogue brought the books to life, and he used very little poetic license.
The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe movie however was a big disappointment, and did not do the books or the story justice.

I really hope this movie comes off, and that the director is not allowed to stray from the plot or the dialogue. Also, there are no young actors I would particularly like to see playing any of these parts, so if any of you have any ideas, please share them with us.

After decades of false starts and disappointments, plans are quickly coming
together for a major Hollywood film version of Ayn Rand's seminal individualist novel Atlas Shrugged. A deal has been signed. A major studio is producing it. Funding has been secured. A script has been drafted. Major stars are eagerly seeking the roles -- including Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie, who very much wants the lead role of Dagny Taggart. Further: plans are for it to be shot as a *trilogy*! Some background: The novel Atlas Shrugged played a major role in the formation of the modern libertarian movement (although Rand never called herself a libertarian and was critical of what she perceived as libertarianism). Rand's complex, epic and controversial novel is, among other things, a thriller, a romance, and an uncompromising philosophical defense of personal and economic liberty and individualism. The book has been a publishing phenomenon since its publication in 1957. It has never been out of print in hardback and has sold millions of copies worldwide. A 1999 Modern Library reader survey ranked it as the number one book published in the 20th century. In 1991, the Library of Congress commissioned a nationwide survey seeking books that changed the lives of their readers. First was the Bible; second was Atlas Shrugged. So what's the latest on this eagerly anticipated movie? According to Robert Bidinotto, editor of the New Individualist magazine, published by The Objectivist Center: * Lions Gate studio -- the largest and most successful independent film distributor-studio in North America -- will invest $40 million or more for the initial production effort. * Because of the complexity and length of the story, plans are for the film to be shot and shown as a trilogy (like "Lord of the Rings"). * Those involved with the film -- from executive producers on down -- are strongly committed to keeping Rand's philosophical vision intact and to making a truly landmark, extraordinary film. * A draft for the first part of the trilogy has been finished. The writer is James V. Hart, whose major film credits include "Contact," "Hook," and "Tuck Everlasting." Hart, like others involved with the film, seems deeply committed to the project: "Ayn Rand created extraordinary events and powerful characters over fifty years ago in her visionary novel, that are suddenly coming frighteningly true all around us every single day. This is a big, important challenge as a screenwriter and a great privilege." * Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie is extremely interested in the lead role of Dagny Taggart, and she has told the executive producers that she very much wants to keep the character true to the novel and use as much of Rand's actual dialogue as possible. * The producers say they've been contacted by many other major stars eager to be in the movie. So when can we hope to see it? Says Bidinotto: "The next step in the production is hiring the right director. [Executive producers] mentioned several candidates, but expect that search to be over by the fall. Once a director is announced ... production will accelerate at a very rapid pace. Expectations are that the rest of the casting and the filming would take place in 2007, the fiftieth anniversary of the novel. While they would love to release the film next year to coincide with the anniversary, they believe it is more likely it will be released in 2008." Summarizes Bidinotto: "It looks like this grand tale will be made, at long last; and more important, it looks as if everyone connected with the production is dedicated to doing it right." (Sources: For more information, see Robert Bidinotto's blog:)

Crime against Crime in South Africa Website

Looks like THAT hit a raw nerve with somebody!
My post yesterday about Crime in South Africa, with a link to a site stating disturbing facts and figures and images. Seems somebody somewhere has PULLED the website, and it is no longer available, so if you click on the link on yesterdays post, it will take you NOWHERE.
I will keep an eye on this and let you know any further developments.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lions do the LAKA!?

OK, that is the serious stuff over with, now here is something a little more lighthearted.This website is taking the piss out of SOMEBODY, and I am not quite sure who it is!
Is it the poms, and the laugh you get at their expense by making them do a funny little dance, or is it the poms taking the piss out of the haka which it could well be, as everybody else seems to be having a go at it just lately!)
Make up your own mind, and go to this website, and choreograph your very own LAKA, and make the British Lions perform it! and have a little fun yourself while you work it out!
Whatever conclusion you come to, you will have a good laugh, and a bit of fun all the same. - Chek it out, its a scream.

Crime in South Africa

There is enough stuff going on in THIS country to keep a freedom lover like myself on his toes, without worrying about what is going on in other countries, but a South African colleague at work was talking about the high level of crime and murder going on in his old country, and he forwarded me the following website address to have a look, and MY GOD is THAT country in the crap these days, and it doesn't look like there is any easy way out of it either.

Go to this link - Crime Expo South Africa to find out some really scarry stuff, and view some extremely disturbing images of some of the brutality going on over there.

The following is a brief intro from the July Newsletter:

Those among us who are fed up with the horror situation in South Africa, have a right to exchange vital information based on factual evidence.

Those opposing this campaign based on exposure, are fighting a losing battle as statistics regarding violent crime support those who had enough of the current brutality in the country. Even FEDERATED HOSPITALITY OF SOUTH AFRICA (FEDHASA) issued a statement warning that the violent crime situation in South Africa is deteriorating.

The CRIME EXPO SA website now provides ordinary South Africans with a voice in exposing the true situation in the country. The thousands of comments that are being uploaded on our webpage, prove that tourism agencies hide the true picture, as brutality is now becoming part of our defined character as a nation.

Owners of dangerous dogs have a responsibility to warn visitors planning to enter their private space. We as South Africans have a moral responsibility to warn internationals planning to enter our killing fields. Anyone who dares to ignore our undisputed 20 000 annual murder rate, disrespect those who are paying with blood in enabling tourism to thrive.

Kind regards to those who are very supportive to the idea in exposing the truth. We are experiencing overwhelming support, both locally and internationally. This website should be upgraded and updated with the thousands of letters by the end of July. This service belongs to all patriotic South Africans who want to rid the country of an explosive murder rate. Those from abroad extensively use this opportunity to interact with ordinary South Africans, as it is a vital tool in obtaining factual information regarding personal safety and security.

You, the South African public, gave this website a firm mandate to provide you with an opportunity to interact with the international community in exposing the South African brutality. As voting closed on 99% in favour of this campaign of exposure, we hereby pledge to provide the international community with unedited and factual information as provided by ordinary South Africans.

Free to be Oppressed

Englishmen will never be slaves!
They are FREE to do whatever the Government and public opinion ALLOW them to do!
George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Priority One - Pseudo businessmen

An article in the BOP Times stating that Priority One - a group of self-professed businessmen, subsidised by the Tauranga Ratepayers - have a large surplus of cash that they are ready to start dishing out to whomsoever they deem to be worthy of receiving some of it.
Once again, before I could draw a breath my cohort Mr Bones! had penned a letter to the editor putting them in their place, and pointing out that now they are able to generate their own cashflow, they no longer need to suck from the Tauranga council tit, whose long-suffering ratepayers have recently been hit with a 16% rates increase.

Being the passionate capitalist that I am, I'm always on the look out for imposters.
A capitalist in the philosophic & political sense is one whom advocates and champions an unfettered market economy without any intrusion by the state in the trade of goods, services, and labour.
It necessarily follows that a real capitalist (businessman) is opposed to any initiation of force, fraud, or government subsidy.
Priority One - with its fine ideals and stated desire to create a better business environment - does have a significant volunatary group of subscribers. However, while it pan-handles to the council for the ill-gotten money that belongs to the even burdened rate-payer, they have no right to claim the title of businessman - whose credo is to trade freely a value for a value.
The news that Priority One has "large surpluses of money," and that they are "looking for places to spend it" is an excellent opportunity for them to cut themselves loose from the neck of the rate-payer.
Once this is done they can get on with the business of raising their funds exclusively from those that share their vision ie people who chose with their own free will to deal, and do business with them, as opposed to bludging money stolen from the Tauranga ratepayers by the Tauranga council.
From there they can morally campaign against the over-taxing and intrusive big government and lobby for the removal of regulations that impede the growth of the better business environment that they say is their professed intention.

Billy Bones (aka Russell Watkins) - Capitalist.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mr Bones. In the Museum. With the Red Tape!

Little jack Horner
Sat in the Corner
Eating his Christmas Pie
He stuck in his thumb
And pulled out a lawnmower
And said . . . "What the F_CK is that doing there!"

The Tauranga City Council (who have for some time now been living in fairytale land) have their dodgy fingers in so many dodgy pies just lately that it is no wonder the stomach's of the ratepayers have been a little upset.

Joye Adams - an ex councillor herself had the following letter published in todays BOP Times. Barely had I read it when an email arrived in my inbox from my partner in crime Billy Bones (aka Russell Watkins) and also sent to the BOP Times editor.
Read Billy Bones's reply straight after Ms Adams.

So, Joye Adams wrote:
It has been interesting reading the letters about whether we (The Council) should or should not pay for a museum. I too have been wavering (oooh, how unusual - TTK) mainly over the cost, but then I thought of all the times ive been to see special exhibitions over the years (mentions half a dozen or so, and a clothing exhibition) both in Auckland and our own Mission House and Baycourt.
This last one was very special as it was some of our own Tga history on display, and I thought of all the local treasures that are packed away and we wont get to see them unless we have a museum.
It has nothing to do with keeping up with anywhere else but with our own Taonga and treasures.

Billy Bones Wrote:
Editor - Joye Adams and others with an opinion about the Art Gallery & Museum et al, argue from a false premise, thereby offering only false alternatives.
The debate is not whether Tauranga has these facilities or not; but whether those that pay for them are victims of the rates-robbery or are willing contributors. Much more annoying though is pompous chardonnay-socialists telling the rest of us that we need more culture of their choosing; at this I'd use an efficient yet awfully philistine expletive (I like that - nice choice of words there - TTK) to tell them where to go - but I digress. While it may be true that such facilities are desirable, it does not give Joye and her mates the right to put their thieving mitts in my pocket to pay for their cultural 'ooing and arhring'. (and I really like that too - TTK) If Joye spent less time lobbying for money that's not hers and more time trying to convince council to strangle themselves in their own red tape (I think he means more time trying to convince like minded people to invest in the museum - then again knowing Mr Bones he probably DOES mean strangling them in their own red tape!), then we may we'll end up with a business friendly & philanthropic city, then Joye may get the gallery and museum that she wants; the moral way that is.

Hello, Hello I'm Back Again!

My apologies folks for the lack of action here in the past few weeks. Several factors have kept me from posting and keeping up to date, amongst them a very debilitating virus that had me bedridden for 2 weeks, purchasing a new computer and software, and designing and assembling the biggest bestest-ever edition of The Free Radical magazine (all 72 pages of it) from home. Fortunately I have now made a recovery from the virus, and have started to feel human again, and The Free Radical has been printed and dispatched around the world, so I now have time to brace myself for the next edition, and also get back to work, and attempt to catch up on all my neglected clients. I hope to now continue with my daily posts in the fashion that I began.

Now seeing as I am talking about the Free Radical magazine (did I mention it is the biggest and best edition ever?) I must let you readers know that you are now able to purchase an ONLINE version of it (all thanks to Julian Pistorius) by doing the following:

You can now buy the current issue of The Free Radical as a PDF file that you can download by simply clicking on the link below:

Download it and view it on your computer, or print it out. There are no shipping costs, and if you're impatient, (almost) instant gratification.

This issue is the biggest ever. Find out the full story on how Labour stole the election, and what is being done about it. See here for an overview of the contents: