Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Evils of Communism

This post - A TRIBUTE TO COMMUNISM - is a cut and paste direct from David Farrars blog HERE, and is well worth a look, just to remind you of where WE are heading, and the importance of putting up a fight to make sure that we DONT!

This five minute video is a good reminder of the evils of communism. It ignores the rhetoric and shows us that countries with all-powerful states, always end up with all-powerful supreme leaders. Repressive leadership is not an accidental by-product of communism, but a natural consequence.

The video has footage of the states that built walls with armed guards to stop their citizens from leaving, how in 1932 Stalin seized all food from the Ukraine for the collective good. Seven million Ukranians died - 25% of their population. Mao's planned economy was even worse.

Just as we should never forget the Holocaust, likewise we should never forget the evils of communism.

Thank you David

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Decades of socialist governments and busybodies promoting irresponsibility have resulted in the "boy Racer" youth culture we are witnessing today.

Generation after generation of families being led to believe that the state really cares for them, and will look after their every want and need (without a care for where they get the cash to pay for it!) - Only they DON'T, and never will care as much as FAMILY - those who should REALLY be responsible.

But family is out of a job these days! - Families just pass the responsibility on to the government (or council) - after all, they DO take all that money in taxes to DO THOSE THINGS.

For example, If FAMILY were responsible for their childrens healthcare, it would be in their best interest for their children to be HEALTHY (unhealthy children are expensive!) so they would be more likely to feed them properly. On top of that, they would be more likely to ensure that they were not involved in dangerous or life-threatening activities such as illegal street drag racing, and dangerous drug use and drink driving etc.

Parents would be more likely to keep a close watch on their childrens activities.

It would be essential for the parents of young girls to teach sex education, abstinence (yeah right!) and or the necessity of contraception. Failing to do so could leave them with a daughter AND agrand-child to support!

But alas NO! nanny state picks up the tab for parents failure to do ANY of the above, foisting the expense on to others, which is a most unjust state of affirs.

Unfortunately there is NO quick-fix or remedy to the situation, (especially now that even the national socialist party - or Labour Lite as I call them - have lost their way)

It has taken a hundred years of the welfare state and free rides on the gravy train to get us in this predicament. It will take another hundred years to pull us out of it, but first we have to admit that Socialism is the root of the problem, and THEN we have to wean off those suckling on the state teat, and THEREIN lies the challenge!

Who of those would be willing to give up their FREE LUNCH and vote for somebody who advocates personal responsibility?

- It aint never gonna happen, so you better just get used to more of what we are getting NOW- after all, It’s what the majority of you want . . . Isn’t it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boy Racers

Yes, Boy Racers! This has been on my mind a little lately also, what with the 20 year old race starter that just got run down at a local street race in Tauranga recently, but not for the same knee-jerk reactions plastered all over the daily newspapers,
baying for blood! Calling for bans and curfews and more police powers etc!.
What I do not understand is why do the police not simply enforce the law as it stands NOW.
These boy racers could be busted for numerous misdemenours and unlawful behaviour, but they are not!
What is all this rubbish about giving police MORE powers!

Surely if somebody breaks the law, then PUNISH THEM. If they do not comply, punish them again. If they do not comply take away their car to pay for the fine. If that does not work put them in jail! - It just seems so bloody simple to me!
But no wonder There are so many busybodies out there making up new CRAPPY laws that EVERYBODY breaks, that no wonder the boy racers keep breaking rules because they are not enforced - there is no line in the sand that says "step over this line buster and you are BUSTED!" - They are outwardly flouting the laws just to see how far they can push the boundaries.
The consequences of which are that some are starting to get killed in the process.
Now, many years ago, somebody came up with a saying that said If you play with fire, you are going to get burned!" They came up with it, because it is TRUE! I wonder if they teach anything like that in the State brainwashing centres!
What is stopping the police from BUSTING THEIR ASSES?

Politically Correct nonesense is to blame, along with the ever diminishing personal responsibility, which has been effectively removed from our society by the ever-increasing interference in our lives by big government.
Children who still live at home, and who have yet to take responsibility for their OWN lives, are the responsibility of their PARENTS (not the GOVERNMENT, or SOCIETY, or COUNCIL) If these kids misbehave, it is their PARENTS who should be held responsible for their misdemenours. Start busting a fewe neglectful PARENTS, and parents may become a little more inquisitive about what their children are up to when they are out there unsupervised! When a child leaves home, and gets a job, they are then responsible for themselves and their OWN actions. They should THEN expect the FULL effects of the law, should they chose to break it. But alas it is not to be!
Unfortunately, when THESE young Dickheads have children, they will pass on the same lack of responsibility to THEIR unfortunate offspring, and round and round goes the self-generating, vicious circle.
Who is to blame for this? Not the Kids!
Not the parents
It is the WELFARE STATE! Generation after generation brainwashed into thinking that somebody else will take responsibility - no matter WHAT it is, somebody ELSE will take responsibility for it

This is what PC said.

Knee jerks, moral panic and "boy racers"

Are New Zealand kids out of control?
More than they once were?
Or is there something about the phrase "boy racers" that causes people normally hard as nails and sane as a hammer to suddenly start baying at the moon.

Do we need more state control over us -- curfews in Tauranga; lpublic liquor bans in Christchurch; raising the drinking age; a "review" of the liquor laws -- all of this just to stop a few idiots? Or should people (and journalists) just start breathing through the nose.

How many idiots are there exactly?
What's the trend?
Well, there is a trend, a very clear trend; sadly for journalists and the members of Mayoral Task Forces, the trend goes against both headlines and hysterics:

* In 1985 there were 274 road deaths with alcohol as a factor.
In 2005 there were 115.

* In 1985 23% of the drivers affected by alcohol were 15-19.
In 2005, the figure was 20%.

* In 1985 there were 8.3 road deaths with alcohol as a factor per 100,000 population.
In 2005 there were 2.9 per 100,000.
[Source Lindsay Mitchell]

So there you go.

Perhaps rational thought without the moral panic would be better than knee jerk bans and headlines. How old, for example, was the bastard who killed those two young girls in Christchurch? And how much had he drunk? Answer: 22, and not very much.

So why the bloody liquor bans and bans on young drivers proposed by Christchurch mayor Gary Moore?

Of course there is far too much common sense to be had in the above post for any of the brain-dead councillors to comprehend, but there you have it!

Yummy Mummy - yes please

There has been a lot of talk lately on the title "Yummy Mummy", and I can't help thinking it comes from the likes of those who have no chance of ever achieving the title - people the likes of Sue Bradford, and our beloved leader!
The Bay of Plenty Times today had an article on the subject, so I thought I would make my opinions known with the following letter to the editor. I am all for the achievement of excellence be it in sport, academics, music, art or whatever. With todays climate of celebrating mediocrity I find the Yummy Mummy title one worthy of achieving, and to all those women who deem themselves worthy of the title I say "go girl!" Would those who disagree prefer slogans like "mediocre Mummy", or "Slobby Mummy" instead? Yummy Mummys rule, and all power to them. This is all just another case of pathetic political correctness by those afraid of hurting the feelings of those unable or unwilling to make an effort to achieve the title. Don't forget, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Baywave Pool - Council (ratepayer) Funded

Recently - in the last couple of years - the Tauranga City Council built a large, multi-million dollar aquatic centre at Mount Maunganui called Baywave, sporting state of the art facilities, wave pool, gymn etc etc.
The entry fee to this pool is I believe about $5. The actual COST per user is about $12. The ratepayers subsidise each entry fee over 50%.

Not content with THIS, a bunch of local women have started COMPLAINING about the cost of entry, and want the council to make it CHEAPER - what the hell - Why not rob a few more bucks of each ratepayer and make it FREE I say!

Here is my letter to the editor regarding the situation.


Some people just DONT GET IT! Dont they realise that somebody somewhere MUST PAY - or perhaps they just don’t care as long as it’s not THEM! If council reduce entry fees to Baywave, it means RATEPAYERS have to pay MORE to cover the shortfall. If you’re NOT a ratepayer, and use the pool, you get to use first class facilities at a subsidised, albeit unrealistic fee. If you’re a ratepayer and use the pool, you get the privilege of paying TWICE (whether you like it or not!), and if you’re a ratepayer and DONT use the pool, you’re forced to pay for something you dont want anyway!

Those who have contributed LESS, with the LEAST responsibility get the biggest benefits, (all the while screaming for MORE,) while those with the biggest responsibilities get the LEAST - yes, thats about right! - That sums up socialism for you! - yet some think they have the RIGHT to cheap entry fees, and to hell with who REALLY has to pay - and are most indignant that they should have to pay for the privilege.
Who do they think actually pays for the pool to run? Maybe one of those nice councillors reached behind their ear and pulled it out of thin air! Don’t forget - council have NOTHING! The more you demand they GIVE YOU, the MORE they must FORCE others to PAY.


Now, what is ALSO annoying about this is that a PRIVATE INVESTOR/Entrepreneur had purchased land at Mt Maunganui with the intention of building an aquatic centre and pool complex - Im sure it was front page news at the time - , but was so held up and put off by the local council with all the red tape, fees and consents and the RMA etc (not to mention that the mayor at the time, jan Beange, had already decided SHE wanted HER name on the brass plaque on the entry of the complex,) that he didnt go ahead with it.
This would have been t NO EXPENSE to the ratepayers - only those who used the facility, whether it ran at a profit or at a loss.

NOW, it runs at a loss, and is sponsored by all the ratepayers, AND costs them EVEN MORE in wages and beauracracy for all the extra time and trouble councillors spend discussing and debating the issue.

What a WASTE!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Free Radical Issue 75

I have been putting The Free Radical together now since Issue 18. The magazine has been through a few changes in recent times, what with a change of editor, and a major new direction in the style and diversity of its content, and now it has a new masthead - designed by yours truly - The Tomahawk Kid. This magazine is going from strength to strength, so get a copy NOW and tell your friends about it or better still, get them a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Increasing House Prices

The following letter appeared in the local paper today - and BELOW it is my reply:

Why should there be 1 interest rate on mortgages when we have varying tax rates depending on income?
If investors and developers and those earning over $100k paid a rate of 10% interest, and those earning less than $100k (what $99k? - sorry, my question there!) either with a current mortgage or buying their first home paid say 5%, house prices would be irrelevant to a certain extent because the killer for people on low incomes is the extortionate interest.
Low incomees could afford a house because the payments would be more affordable, and developers/investors would be more disadvantaged and so encouraged to spend their money elsewhere.
We both work full time to pay our mortgage on a house in the lowest end of the price bracket and yet pay nearly 50% of our income to the bank (yes, and the other 50% to the IRD - sorry, me again!)


I do sympathise with this person, and their observations may be correct in relation to the interest, but I do believe their solutions are severely misguided - It just seems all of a sudden people are looking for a scapegoat to blame the high and increasing cost of housing on, and they see developers and think - ooohh, nasty capitalists making lots of profit - lets blame THEM!

But WHO has made it NECESSARY for them to ask higher prices for their developments?


The high cost of housing has arisen for various reasons, amongst which are.

School Zoning (dictated by . . .?)
Council compliance costs (dictated by . . . ?)
Consent fees
Land use restrictions (dictated by . . . ?)

- that's my take on the situation anyway


My Letter in reply:
Somebody give one moral reason why I (or you), should be FORCED to pay more tax or interest than K Tindall just because I/we earn more than him/her? This kind of thinking smacks of communism - ie “(take) from each according to his ability, (give) to each according to his need.” It intimates that the pursuit of money is wrong! Socialism APPEARS to be a selfless economic theory, however those who subscribe to it tend to be envious of those who have what they do not! Capitalism however is a theory based upon human nature - especially selfishness. Individuals look out for their own interest to make money. Those who cater to the selfish needs of their customers are the most successful. Customers look out for THEIR selfish needs by searching out companies that have the best services or prices. It is THIS kind of selfishness that drives property developers to supply the market with the houses we so badly need. Making things harder for THEM will drive house prices even HIGHER. Councils are making it harder for them to build houses because THEY can’t keep up with infrastructure demands! I say make it easier - FLOOD the market with houses, sack the busybodies (and zoning while your at it) - and watch the FREE MARKET and competition dictate TRUE market prices.