Monday, August 08, 2011

BOP Times editor lives in a parallel universe

Who needs Phone Tapping when you can get your information living in a parallel universe!

The editor of the Bay of Plenty times jubillantly states in his editorial (and whose opinion also features in the inappropriately titled “Our View column) “now that the legal high Kronic has been banned and made illegal, New Zealand is now safer place for everyone!”

I can't help but wonder if he means the same New Zealand that I live in, or if he is referring to one in a parallel universe somewhere? I say that because the likelihood that either of those two things being possible is just a fantasy!

In the New Zealand that I live in, criminals have just been handed another product to add to their business ventures.

Another product to sell and manufacture at inflated prices, without hygenic packaging, health warnings, hygenic manufacturing processes, standards or regulated dosages.

Now those who chose this kind of recreational product (over one that nanny says is acceptable) will become criminals. Now those on lower incomes will have to spend more to get what they want, manufacture their own, or steal money or property, to be able to afford to purchase things which have been artificially inflated by the government.

Instead of educating people not to do stupid things to themselves, nanny would rather place innocent New Zealanders lives at risk.

Instead of protecting your lives, she has now put you in danger, and responsible people penalised for  the actions of others.

The result of saving people from acts of stupidity is to fill the world with fools, and the beehive is full of them.

But then again,Nanny likes it that way - it ensures you keep her in a job.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Letter in response to a fan of Phil Goofs Capital Gains Tax

What Mr Izett and I really disagree on is “The Use Of FORCE”and Property Rights.

Mr Izett has a severe case of ENVY and despite having had the same opportunity as others to accumulate wealth he has opted not to, and now wants to snatch a bit of what others have had the fortitude to acquire.

He says “Why should the wealthy get richer because they are clever with the money that they earn?
If that is his argument, then lets apply it in reverse! Why should those NOT wealthy benefit from NOT being clever with the money they earn (or are given - free of charge from the work of others).

For many, being wealthy can be put down to hard work, innovation in business, sacrifice (ie going without while they save) and taking risks.

Being wealthy is not some made up god-given right - it is EARNED - .

Just because other countries have it doesnt mean our country of sheep should follow suit.

A country cannot TAX itself out of debt and into prosperity- that is like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up with the handle - IMPOSSIBLE.

Phil Goof is attempting to LEGALISE ROBBERY, attempting to BRIBE those WITHOUT to vote for him by offering them a share of what other people WORK FOR. He, and all those who vote for this immoral system should be ashamed of themselves

Looters and Bludgers

The world - and our little backwater is no exception - is full of looters, bludgers, robbers, thieves and crooks. We even glamourise thieves like Robin Hood into being a good guy, where in fact he was a common crook (no wonder our children are confused), all of whom out to get some of what belongs to other people without having to earn it.

Wealth comes in many guises says Vanessa Byrnes - what some forget is that before that wealth can be stolen by these looters and moochers, it must first be earnt by somebody!

Without somebody earning it, crooks and moochers would have to find some alternative means of getting what doesn't belong to them, or else the poor things would actually have to work and create as opposed to thieve and loot.

Heaven forbid - they would have to spend their time thinking of ways to earn money instead of thinking of ways to take if from others.

Unfortunately, working is hard! It is much easier to get stuff without working for it, that is the reason you have a majorityvoting in favour of getting free stuff, ie. library books, TECT cheques art galleries etc.

I look forward with relish to the day when all the creators of wealth in the world go on strike. What will the looters and bludgers do then?

Maybe I will meet them at work!

Don't vote - it only encourages them

This is my letter in response to a letter complaining about the poor voting turnout in Tauranga

I disagree with Colin Marshal on the subject of voting.

I do not vote for people I disagree with.

I refuse to give my permission to un-principled people to do things I disagree with, and when propositioned to chose between a poke in the eye or a punch on the nose I chose neither. They are going to give me one of them regardless, so why should I make them feel justified in doing it by giving them my permission?

Dont lose sight of the fact that the best of 2 evils is still evil!

Those people who do chose to vote, are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
I disagree with giving other people the right to chose what I can and cannot do with my own money and property.

I do not agree to them taking whatever portion of my wages they chose to spend on things I disagree with. I do not agree with mob rule (ie the biggest gang wins) it is immorral and corrupt.

It is time to learn the meaning of the words property rights and the rights of the individual, but while your life and property are up for grabs there will be plenty out there happy to vote themselves a share of it.

Labour Partys ENVY Tax

If you ever needed a reason to avoid the Labour Party like the bubonic plague, then here it is

Labours new flagship policy under Phil Goof is the iniquitous Capital Gains Tax, which sums up their immoral philosophy for me!

Goof wants to penalise Kiwis for being successful and for making plans for their future.

He wants to steal the money you earn through your industry and intelligence, and give it to those who have no respect for either!

Goof wants to give incentive to those who are not interested in saving for their future, which will guarantee New Zealand future generations relying on the state for their livelihood.

Labour are out to persuade you (using force) that Aesops fable about the ant and the grasshopper is wrong, and that the Little Red Hen was a crazy little clucker for working hard when all she had to do was to vote for the party who would force the others do the work, and then just eat “their” cake.

Labour want to bribe the lazy and unproductive to vote for them, with money they steal from the productive.

The more kiwis they bribe into receiving free money, the more they will need to tax the productive to pay for it (legalised slavery anyone?)

Bay of Plenty Times editors "Our View Column" strikes again.

Once again the "Our View" column trots out a load of unadulterated, politically correct bollocks!

It is people spouting untruths like this, and making up false rights that have got this nation in the state it is in.

The true meaning of the word "rights" is "something that you do not have to ask somebody elses permission for."

There is no such thing as a "right" to an education or a "Right" to healthcare. This is a fallacy imposed upon us by socialism. These things are a privilege - not a right.

So what do you suggest? That the people of Orewa school be forced to receive a rationed education. That they must not use the best tools to excell because other people cannot afford them.

Do you suggest that they be forced to underachieve because they may be able to afford better tools?

If the government did not have a monopoly on the education system, parents would be able to send their children to a school of their choice, that used methods and taught things that they value. Would you suggest that a talented athlete have a ball and chain attached to his leg to make it fair for those who are not as able? I wonder what all those other individuals the "our View" column speaks for are of the same view.

I would be more outraged than I am now if anybody thought "Our View"  was speaking for me.
Shame on you - again!

Larry Baldock at it again

I have almost never agree with the unprincipled politics of Larry Baldock, and I am speechless at his latest outburst accusing the regional council of acts of communism!
I wonder if he has ever heard the saying “The pot calling the kettle black!”

Cr Baldock has no idea of the meaning of the words individual and property rights (the opposite of communism). Philosophically, Larry is the antithesis of these things yet he has the nerve to come out with something like this - unbelievable!

Larry is an advocate of democracy ie the biggest gang get to vote away the rights of the smallest gang (the smallest gang being the individual)

If there ever was a politician that needs to learn the meaning of the above words, not to mention the importance of basing your decisions on a set of principles, then it is Mr Baldock.

The hypocrisy is outstanding, and if you ever ask yourself why we are in the mess we are in, it’s due to people like this who make decisions on feelings and public opinion - enforced with threats and force - where minorities (individuals) are stripped of their rights and property (as in communism) as opposed to upholding individual and property rights.
Larry undoubtably only wants what is best - its just his concept of how to achieve it is morally and philosophically flawed!

John Key and Soft Compulsion

Another perfect example of politicians twisting words that mean something bad, so they will be accepted by the sheeple. The National spindoctors must have been working overtime on this one!
Soft Compulsion - what a crock.

. . . It's OK to step in it - its only "SOFT dog poop!"

Compulsion is COMPULSION regardless of whether its SOFT or not!