Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plague of Armed Robberies predicted

Now that the anti-fun police have cracked down on a bunch of shop owners, now they will have some time on their hands to come looking for the next easy target!

Yes, You! - Shopkeepers selling cigarette papers will be next, oh, and lighters and matches, not to mention tin foil, resealable bags and sheep pellets - you are all going to get what you deserve, and I hope that is being thrown in jail for a long time for selling drug related paraphenalia.

Never mind that thieves, robbers, rapists are out there doing what they do best while the police are busy busting tax-paying shop owners and otherwise law abiding citizens for committing crimes against themselves.

In the meantime (before the police come to bust you for something - homegrown tobacco will probably be the next thing) all the hard working dairy owners, service stations and bottle stores will be kept busy fighting off the plague of armed robberies that are about to occur which many cigarette smokers will have to resort to now to get their cigarettes. I suggest every dairy owner in the country arm themselves to the teeth ready for the onslaught - the police will be busy arresting other shopkeepers for the henious crime of selling lights and fertiliser.

The beehive in Wellington must have been infected with the brain-eating varroa-mite, because there are not two brain-cells left alive in that place to rub themselves up against another one to create the friction required to generate an intelligent idea

The way things are going people will have to resort to sniffing nutmeg and drinking hand sanitiser for recreational substances before too long. (until they ban those of course)
Will this stop you voting for politicians who continue to steal your right to do whatever you wish with your own body? - I doubt it.
Will it stop you moaning when it happens - I doubt it
Will you wring your hands and wail "how did it come to this"  - You bet!
What's more, the eunuchs responsible for these attrocities on your rights havent the testicular fortitude or the moral aptitude to apply the same draconian rules to alchohol. - It's all about being seen to be doing the right thing as opposed to actually fixing the problem.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tauranga ratepayers shafted by City councillors again

Since the announcement that former Minister in Charge of Treaty Capitulations Douglas Montrose Graham, faces charges and fines for indiscretions in his directorship of a failed finance company, leaving around 4000 investors around $127 million worse off, the Securities Commission have instigated criminal charges against him and his fellow directors who now face potential five-year jail terms.

I think the same should be done to the Tauranga City Councillors responsible for lumbering Taxpayers with the debt they are about to be landed concerning the white elephant known as the art gallery.

They should be thrown in jail for misrepresenting the public and gross negligence for getting them involved in a project that was doomed from the start to loose a fortune, in effect adding to the debt my children will have to pay (on top of all the other inept, un-profitable ventures they have involved themselves in)

I walk past this place regularly and 9 times out of 10 it is empty. The only visitors being kids on a school trip.

Apparently the place has had 40,000 visitors - 30,000 of them most likely school children

There is a solution to this problem.

Sell it immediately to the highest bidder. Let those who aspire to owning an art gallery purchase and run it, instantly removing the burden from ratepayers. Opening up investment in the city, and the opportunity for competition.

All the other galleries in town seem to be surviving (despite the competition-destroying free gallery run by the council) - why is that? Because the owners know the art business (unlike the council) They are passionate about it. On top of that, their investment and livelihood is at stake - it is imperative they make it work - unlike the council facility which simply holds its hand out to the tune of $850,000 PLUS the $142,000 it is over budget - to the sitting ducks (ratepayers)

This situation is a farce and ratepayers should be damn well outraged after all the debate that it sparked before it was started - I know I am.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Five sentences that should be compulsory learning at schools.

Here are five sentences that should be compulsory learning at schools.

From reading some of the letters to the editor, and comments left on some of the stories on the Sun Live website, it is plainly obvious that these most important things are sorely missing from the government-run education system, and society is suffering from their absence.

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the rich out of prosperity.

What 1 person receives without working for, another  person must work for without receiving.

The government or council cannot give to anybody anything that the government or council does not first take from somebody else.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

You cannot tax a nation into prosperity and you cannot borrow yourself out of debt.

A couple of comments in particular sum up how perverted and un-principled people have become.

Comments like: "My landlord is rich so he can afford to pay higher rates (so that I can get free library books)"

and "Take the money from the art gallery and sports fields and give it to libraries."

Dont these people realise what they are saying?

They are saying stuff everybody else - what I want is more important!

How about THIS . . .

Council remove the cost of running libraries, pools, art galleries, museums theatres etc from the rates, (and all the unnecessary staff involved in running these non-essential recreational services) and concentrate on providing core services only, and reduce your rates by 3/4.

The remaining quarter would provide for the essential services necessary for society to function.

Your landlord wont have to charge so much rent, and ratepayers wont have to pay so much rates.

The city centre will flourish again as businesses will be able to afford rents there (solving another council-created problem)

Perhaps the rates could have a list of non-essential services, and an annual cost, and ratepayers could chose voluntarilly the ones they wish to subsidise.

If they tick library, then they get free library books. Those who do not tick library would have to pay to get out books. Apply this to art galleries, museums, sports facilities, pools etc.

That way everybody should be happy, and people would be paying only for the services they see as valuable.

Charities who see the necessity of free libraries (or other things) could make donations to subsidise free books or facilities for those who have not paid.

This way you can spend all the money you save on books or whatever you want

Those who value sports and art galleries can spend theirs on sports or art galleries

That way EVERYBODY is happy, and nobody gets robbed in the process, and the only people unhappy are those who want to mind other peoples business and tell them what they should be doing with their money (and which is none of their business)

. . . - oh, and those who think rich people should be robbed to pay for things they want for free - shame on you

Your education system has taught you to believe that society must function the way it currently does (it has done this to ensure its continuation) and this is simply not true. All you have to do is use your mind to think for yourself, instead of thoughtlessly doing what everybody says you must do, or what has been done in the past.

Moral, principled  alternatives abound if only you would care to look. You don't look because you have been conditioned to believe this is the way things must be done.