Thursday, January 31, 2008

What! - No waiting list to get IN to Cuba?

Here is my reply to the two murderer-worshippers posted below.

I don't expect the editor will publish it though.


Che Guevara’s diaries were published by the propoganda bureau of a communist regime, with the foreword written by Fidel Castro, and the mainstream media take them at face value.

Wake up people, the PROPOGANDA BUREAU! - Do you think THEY are going to tell the truth about Che's murderous activities?

These Havana editions of his diaries are treasured like the “dead sea scrolls and believed like the gospel!

Testimony from people who escaped this so-called free country are free now to tell the truth without fear of Castros torture chambers and firing squads can be read in a book called “Exposing the Real Che Guevara” by Cuban Huberto Fontova.
Che lived in a pristine beachfront mansion in Tarara, amongst the most luxurious in Havana, which was confiscated (what! - do you think he PAID for it?) from a succesful Cuban Builder.
In 1961, 300,000 Cubans of a population of 6.4 million were in jail (are you telling me these were all traitors and spies Mr Oldham?)

In proportional terms Che and Fidel were outdoing the Hitler regime.
By 1966, some 7,876 men and boys were executed by these freedom-fighting firing squads (of a population of 6.4 million, and a total of 14,000 murdered by 1970.) - that is not bad going for a humanitarian freedom-fighter now is it? - He set the FREE alright!
Five years into the Che regime, half-a-million had fled Cuba - In an unhindered FREE environment, this would have emptied Cuba in a fortnight!
The Cuban Archive Project document 77,833 desperate souls who died at sea in their desperation to escape Mr Guevaras version of freedom.

If this is what you call freedom Mr Artus and Mr Olham, you can keep it.

Let me try to explain it as SIMPLY as I can so that those who have missed the facts, and have just been looking at the picture of the handsome man may understand.

People do not risk their lives families and worldly posessions to escape free countries - they simply purchase an airline ticket!
They risk everything to escape oppression and communism! People are not FORCED to stay in Free countries - however they were denied the freedom to leave countries like Russia and Cuba and China!

This is not Freedom, it is totalitarian oppression!

People were jailed because they disagreed with Che and Fidels version of freedom, which was communism, which of course is NOT freedom at all.

Che and Fidel simply wanted the freedom to FORCE the peopleof Cubab to live how they wanted them to live.
If you didn't comply, or spoke out against this oppression, you were thrown in jail or a work camp, and more likely than not, eventually murdered.

A murderer is not a hero

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Che Guevara - Butchers apprentice

There was an article in the BOP Times about how we are sick of all these serial killers becoming celebrities with movies and documentaries made about them and glorifying ther attrocities.

I wrote the following letter adding another serial killer to the list.

It sure hit a nerve in little old Tauranga, and Two writers were outraged and disgusted at me exposing their hero.

I will publish their letters below my original one here.


I would like to add one more popular culture pin-up boy to the “Serial killers no longer cool” list! Che Guevara - who murdered thousands, yet is tattoed on Angelina Jolies anatomy, and is the “role-model” [sic] of Carlos Santana, Rage Against The Machine, and Johnny Depp, not to mention plastered all over t-shirts sold by Hallensteins and J-Jays!
Che Guevara is touted as a “freedom-fighter” but his version of freedom was for Cuba to be ruled by Communism which is hardly Freedom! If you didn’t agree with this version of freedom, you were murdered by Che and his thugs. Che detested rock-n-roll and had a particular dislike of longhairs, hippies, musicians, and artists.

Che was a hypocrite and preached anti-capitalism, but after a hard day at the office signing execution warrants he would retire to his mansion complete with big-screen remote control tv, swimming pool and yacht, while he wore a rolex, his people lived in poverty.
After decimating the wealth and industry of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, he started a new industry with an unlimited wealth of raw product - BLOOD - The blood of his firing squad victims, whom he bled almost dry before hanging them up to be shot. Freedom-fighter - NOT!


I would like to express my outrage over the ideas of Graham Clark whose letter denouncing Che as a hypocrite and murderer featured in the BOP Times.
Not only was his information twisted and presented out of context, at times it was fabricated and factually inaccurate.

Mr Clark failed to mention that those executed were usually informers, traitors, spies or defectors, and this is standard practice for a guerilla unit such as that commanded by Che.

Mr Clarks claims that Che was concerned with personal wealth and was ignorant of his people are disgusting and false . . .

At a time when corporate rule overpowers humanity and neo liberalist capitalism prevails revolutionaries like che have never been more important.

When you insult him as you have you insult others like him and you anger those who respect him, and you humiliate yourself.

By Sam Oldham., Tauranga


Before Graham Clark goes around badmouthin famous personalities he should check his facts . . . Graham complains Che was a mass murderer who killed thousands, a h ypocrit who lived in luxury and a communist who was anti freedom.

The reality is Che was nothing like this.

Commanding the state prison he had 150-500 oppresive Cuban heads of state executed (excuse me, but isnt that a contradiction of what he just said?)

Incidentally it was the CIA who had him killed while he was in Bolivia trying to free up the Americas from the US.
I wear my che shirt proudly - the True Freedom Fighter.

A. Artus., Tauranga


I have of course replied to these two terribly misguided individuals, and I shall post that reply tomorrow.

Dr Ingram sports the Emperor's New Clothes

Here is a RESPONSE to a letter I had published in the BOP Times, concerning the government-run health system, and cancer statistics.

Below this is my response to the man.

I shall go and visit the man to discuss this matter next week!


Graham Clarks letter reveals his ignorance of NZs cancer therapy labelling it as die-while-you-wait appears scaremongering and irresponsible.

He uses cancer numbers to promote his political notions that socialised medicine kills and he claims that healthcare systems will always lack sufficient resources to treat all those seeking care with the result of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

In response: NZ Has wowrld class excellence in cancer treatment, specialists, equipment and skilled caring therapists. Should Mr Clark or his family be unfortunate enough to develop cancer he might be most grateful to be living here and receive prompt, expert, life-saving therapy - at no extra cost to himself.

I invite Mr Clark to visit the BOP Cancer office at 98 14th avenue to discuss the concerns raised in his letter.

And here is my reply to Mr Ingram

I am sorry that Mr Ingram disputes the facts of a recent study on socialised medicine, and the comparisons of cancer survival rates of the British (government-run health system) and the American private systems.

Mr Ingram has taken these facts personally, which is unfortunate, as there is no doubt that the practitioners operating in our die-while-you-wait system are of the highest calibre and aptitude. However the facts of the study remain, regardless of Mr Ingrams thoughts and wishes. By being forced to pay for the over-worked, under-paid, under-resourced government-run system, New Zealanders are also prevented from purchasing into the superior PRIVATE healthcare system. ALL Government-run health systems prevent people from receiving the very best medical care available when they want it! They reduce waiting lists by making it harder to qualify for them, instead of by medical procedures and surgery! Come on Mr Ingram! If there were no benefits to private healthcare why would people pay the expensive premiums? They do it because they get better service, and healthcare when they WANT it, NOT when a government bureaucrat says they can have it! Mr Ingram does his profession no justice in his attempt to justify the “emperor’s new clothes” theory.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Bongs Please - We're Kiwis! - by order of GOD!

I can think of numerous ways to get on the "wrong" side of the local
gestapo - ie Tauranga District Council, but A local guy by the name of Gary Read has found something guaranteed to keep him occupied and amused - and finally broke if they have their way!

Gary wants to open a 24-hour Shisha bar!
He doesn't want to be just another booze bar, competing for the same dollar as all the other bars, cafes and nightclubs along the Strand - Tauranga's mecca of entertainment and imbibement. Gary's Bar, Chaos HQ will not sell alcohol - it will sell coffees and smoothies and juices - oh, and Shisha pipes.

A Shisha pipe, is a big Bong or hookah, with several hoses attached
to it and around which, you and your friends sit, and smoke shisha - a herbal preparation infused with molasses and fruit flavours.

There are no (apparently) side effects or euphoric benefits from
smoking Shisha - it is merely a relaxing, peaceful and sedate way to pass the time while socialising.

Now, seeing as all bars in New Zealand are no-smoking, it is illegal
to smoke in a bar - even if you are the owner - which to me is a breach of private property rights for a start - anyway, Gary has approached the local council to lease space on the footpath upon which to put some outdoor tables and chairs - in exactly the same manner as about 90% of the bars and restaurants along this stretch of town do. All the bars along the strand lease the footpath from the council.

This allows them to place tables and chairs on the footpath in front
of their premises in order to allow their patrons to drink outside, Eat alfresco, and to SMOKE CIGARETTES. Almost every bar and cafe have taken advantage of this concession for these reasons. NOW Gary appears to be having trouble getting approval from the council to lease the footpath in front of his bar because they do not - or some individuals on the council do not approve of smoking!

ACTUALLY, It is now official - the newspaper has reported that the council will not give him permission to use the area outside his bar for smoking from a shisha or water pipe, as it does not fit the vision the council have for the use of the Strand. The reason - Shisha pipes are - in the councils ultimate wisdom - associated with smoking drugs (what the fuck would THEY know!) In THEIR tiny little mind this may be the case, but in other parts of the world not so!

If these pipes are often associated with smoking drugs, then perhaps they should ban women in short skirts and stockings, as these things are often associated with PROSTITUTION!

Or even better, ban grey zip-up shoes, and cardigans because they are associated with mindless, petty council bureaucrats with nothing better to do than mind other peoples business!

Gary's LIFE is far too interesting to make him invisible to the boring, mundane lives of the local councillors.

As the saying goes, "Those with no business of their own worth minding, find great interest in the business of others!"

Why is Gary's bar any different from all the others ?
What a bunch of hypocrits we are forced to deal with! They are saying it is OK to get DRUNK out on the footpath It is OK to smoke CIGARETTES out on the footpath It is OK for drunk teenagers to loiter and make a nuisance of themselves but it is NOT OK to sit around a Shisha pipe - bong or hubbly bubbly pipe because GOD does not approve.

MEANWHILE every other bar and cafe has hordes of people sitting outside smoking cigarettes, rollies and pipes without any problem.

So what is the problem? WHO is playing GOD on the Strand? Apparently one of the Tauranga councillors says HE is! At one of the meetings, this is the exact phrase he used when discussing what is and is not allowed to go on along the strand.

PS: I shared a Shisha pipe with several friends and passed a few
hours away talking and socialising.

A couple of non-smoking friends
also joined in, and seemed to enjoy the process - the smoke was very very smooth and light, and it was a perfect accompaniment to sitting round talking, having a drink and chatting.

I can safely say after first hand experience that there are no
euphoric effects or buzz involved.
We had a Grape flavoured Shisha, and it was very nice.

Article in the BOP Times

Booze-free cafe and club set to open on The Strand

PIPES of herbal tobacco will be sold 24 hours a day, seven days a week at an alcohol-free cafe which is set to open its doors on The Strand later this month.

NZ Party Pills' owner Gary Read said Chaos Headquarters would remain
open long after other pubs and restaurants have closed for the night.

But the venue has already attracted police attention before it has
even opened its doors. Western Bay of Plenty Area Commander Mike Clement said police would meet with council staff tomorrow to discuss the "appropriateness" of Chaos Headquarters' location on The Strand.

Mr Clement would not be drawn on making any further comment. With a law banning the supply, manufacture and exporting of party pills containing BZP due to be passed later this month, Mr Read said he was phasing party pills out of his business.

Located in the former Hot on the Rocks premises, between Merhaba and
Soho restaurants, Mr Read said Chaos Headquarters would feature a dance floor with local DJs - starting about 2.30am - playing music similar to that of a nightclub, including hard house and drum 'n' bass. "We'll have a couple of big names now and then," he told the Bay of Plenty Times. Also on offer will be shisha herbal tobacco, served in a water pipe to be smoked while seated outdoors on The Strand.

Mr Read described shisha as relaxing and euphoric and said it
contained only a minuscule amount of nicotine. "We'll set the tobacco up in the pipes and take it to people's table and they can sit down and smoke a shisha," he said. Mr Read said he knew of a Turkish restaurant in Rotorua which offered shisha and other venues along K Rd in Auckland.

From Thursday to Saturday nights the cafe will be restricted to
those aged 18 years and over. "We don't want it to be a hangout for 12- and 13-year-olds," said Mr Read, who added there was a need for an all night venue with only one city bar open after 3am to cater for people who wanted to drink alcohol. "A lot of people go home or they hang out on the streets.

They don't
need to keep getting intoxicated to have a good time." He said the cafe could also be hired for private functions including teenagers wanting a nightclub atmosphere minus the alcohol. Mr Read said he had owned Auckland-based hospitality businesses in "his younger days" and frequents shisha bars overseas. He did not wish to reveal how much the cafe was costing him to set up.

"Everyone says that they need something like this in Tauranga but nobody's ever done it. It's something I've always wanted to do," he said. "Tauranga's come into the 21st century, I'm dragging it in slowly."

The cafe will sell non-alcoholic drinks, fruit smoothies, organic
coffee, herbal tea and a menu of light meals. Mr Read said 22 staff had already been employed and he expected to employ a further five before opening day with full and part-time staff covering three eight-hour shifts over a 24-hour period. Tauranga City Council's planning department said The Strand was zoned in the district plan as a commercial business area and there were no restrictions on hours of opening.


What is shisha?

Shisha is tobacco - a very small amount - ( Also called tabac,
tombak, tumbak, gouza, guza, moassel, sheesha) mixed with molasses and fruit flavors and is smoked in a hookah. Shisha tobacco is not your typical tobacco. It's nothing like the tobacco you find in cigars, cigarettes, or dip. No, smoking true nargile shisha is an entirely different sensation. Shisha Tobacco is the Best as it's been well documented in the media, the tobacco in cigarettes is anything but pure. Large amounts of nicotine and other additives make it extremely harmful.

Some cigarettes claim to be additive free, but
plain tobacco isn't terribly pleasant to smoke. Smoked for flavor and not for any kind of effect, it proves a relaxing and peaceful pursuit. Since shisha is tobacco, smoking it involves some of the same ill effects as other types of smoking. It is very light and flavorful with a wonderful fruity aroma.

The most popular flavor is
apple, others include strawberry, pineapple, apricot, grape, rose, mint, and even cappuccino! (There is even an exclusive cola flavor).

In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are shisha cafes
where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea. Smoking shisha can last two hours or more and is a very peaceful, social occasion generally filled with good conversation with friends. A shisha smoking session can last from thirty minutes up to and hour.

As an ex-
cigarette smoker, I can truly say that shisha smoking is very smooth and most unnoticeable when inhaled.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pull the Plug on Public Powerpoints

Last year my band thought it would be a good idea to play an impromptu gig along the waterfront in Tauranga, where the council had spent millions of ratepayer dollars to make it look nice, including a STAGE - Perfect for what I had in mind, and possibly designed exactly for what we proposed to do - entertain the public and help attract people to the downtown area.

I approached the council for permission to use the stage, which to my knowledge had almost never been used before, or if it had, very infrequently.

The council wanted to CHARGE US to use the stage, and have access to the power provided to the site.

At this point I told them that if it was going to start costing US to perform and entertain the public there, then we were not prepared to do that, and I walked away from the negotiations.

I later received an email from an acquaintance who works at the council, who got word of our proposal, and managed to get the council to waive the charges, so we proceeded with our performance.

It was a great success, and we entertained the public for around 4 hours, attracting a sizeable crowd throughout the day.

ANYWAY, below is an email I received from the council person with whom I was originally negotiating with concerning use of the stage, or EDGEWATER FAN as they call it.

I have removed the names of the councillors concerned

This is the internal email to the councillor suggesting he waive the fee

Hi XXXXXXXX - I would like to see more of this type of entertainment in the
CBD. It has wide appeal to age groups etc so I will meet any costs for
power etc.


To Graham

The Vic (Visitor Information Centre) have a standing charge of $10 per day for the use of these

I believe they also usually wave the charges for short or "low key" events like yours. That is up to their discretion.

The reason for these charges is:

The Council (as you point out- that's ultimately you the rate payer)
provided these waterproof and safe powerboxes at considerable cost- not
to mention the ongoing cost of repairs due to vandalism AND (the real
killer) a daily supply charge (care of Trustpower) for powerboxes,...
the total yearly cost of the supply charges for 3 phase
power to this site alone is $1400.

We have to provide high capacity 3 phase power here to accommodate the
arc welders and heavy equipment that those people working on their boats
use...also, entertainers often use multiple amplifiers and in the
evenings, lightshows.

These usually draw a load of more than ten amps in
total, therefore the legal requirement (under electricity regulations) for 3 phase supply.

This is paid for by you, the ratepayer,...regardless of it being used
regularly or not.

If the bulk of our ratepayers knew the true and actual
costs of providing public power supplies for promoters to use they'd
(excuse the pun) happily "pull the plug" on the lot of them.

You are welcome to use the venue. It is booked for you. The keys are
available for you to collect anytime during office hours.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I don't often post of things concerning overseas elections etc and prefer to make comment on items of local or national relevance, but this post which I have copied directly from NotPC explains quite clearly I think, the election process - not just in America, but here in New Zealand.

Move along, no ideas here, nothing to see

The pale pissweak presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle offer little hope for anything of any stature to emerge from this year's presidential contest. With so much at stake -- recession looming; monetary meltdown; the Islamofascist threat -- instead of a lion emerging from the political thickets of the primaries, there are only mealy-mouthed mice. Even the victory speeches are marked by platitudes. "Washington is broken," said Mitt Romney in winning the GOP's Michigan primary, "and we're going to do something about it. Tonight marks the beginning of a comeback, a comeback for America." What on earth does that mean? Never have words so flatulent been used in a contest so seemingly important.

It's no less vapid however than the racist wisecracks and empty sparring about 'gender politics' going on in the Democratic race -- anything it seems than confront anything meaningful. Michael Hurd considers what all this emptiness means and `concludes that is "an election about nothing."

When candidates abandon political and philosophical ideas, the focus, in elections, tends to be on the "horse race" aspect. It becomes an election of men (or women) rather than of great ideas and issues. The Democratic race is par for the course in this respect. What's striking, however, is the Republican race. Thus far, it consists of a damn poor horse race among a few little men: McCain, Romney, and Huckabee. Each claims to be whatever the voting audience in question seems to demand of him--and none are very good at it. This is why none of them are winning, and each one comes out the victor in a different primary race. The voters realize--and I suspect the candidates themselves even sense--that none of them deserves the nomination, much less the American Presidency. These men are no Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. They're no Ronald Reagan, either. Why, they're not even Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They're simply ... nothing. In the race for President, the Republicans--as the nominal party of limited government and strong defense in the face of terrorist attacks--ought to be the party of ideas and principle. Instead, they have withered away into irrelevance. It’s hard to believe any one of these three little men will achieve victory within their Party, much less within the nation in the fall.

He's right, isn't he.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teenage Control and Deterrent

WOW - this is AMAZING!

I think I shall have to get one of these for HOME!

Actually, I find getting the record player out and putting on a Gene Pitney or Cilla Black record has the same effect.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This man has had ENOUGH

Last night I had a phone call from a very nice man who has "had enough!"

In fact, he has had "so much" that he wants to start doing something about it, and he and another businessman in town are recruiting individuals whom he also believes have had enough, and wants to start a group or organisation on the same lines as The Sensible Sentencing Trust, as a watchdog on local council, and government.

He is tired of the light sentences handed down to criminals and lowlife scum.
He is tired of them being let out on bail and reduced time.
He is tired of council frivolously spending ratepayers money on monuments of grandeur.
He is tired of the under-achievements of the government run health and education systems.
He is tired of criminals getting away with petty crime because there are not enough police to bring them to justice.
He is tired of socialist governments taking his money and giving to people to whom he does not approve.
. . . and that is just the start.

This very pleasant, energetic, quietly spoken, intelligent man in his early 70's wants to do something about these things, and he wants to gather like-minded people not as a protest group, but as a group dedicated to making people aware about what is being done to them by successive socialist governments and over-bearing Nanny-statism

He asked me if I thought these things were getting worse because we have a socialist government.

I told him that the National party were exactly the same, and things would not improve with a National government, who were in my view ALSO a socialist party.

This man tracked me down, and asked me to join him, after reading my letters to the newspaper, and agreeing with most of what I have to say.

I explained to him that I was a Libertarian, and that every one of my letters was based upon the principle of the non-initiation of force, which I explained to him.

I declined his offer to join him, as I was not prepared to compromise on my principles, and that it was my adherence to them that had endeared him, or made him agree with the content of my letters.

We spoke on the telephone for over an hour concerning all of this.

We spoke concerning the war on drugs, and how prohibition never has and never will work, no matter how much money was pumped into it.

He was very anti drugs, and could not agree with my views that drugs should be legal, although he did appear interested when I explained that no matter who disagrees, some people will take drugs one way or another - legal or not, and they would find a way to get hold of them, as they do now even when they are locked up in nannys correctional facilities.

That most druggies would be more than happy to sit at home and blow their own brains out, but have to resort to robbing me and him just to get the money to do so, and for that reason us INNOCENT people are victimised.

Should drug takers with even LESS brains STILL decide to take dangerous drugs like P, and become a physical threat to society, then they should be stopped doing so by those who are paid to PROTECT US from the use of force, threats and violence.

I explained my belief that many of these things were brought about by the ever increasing grasp of nanny-state on our lives, and the loss of personal responsibility (to which he was already aware and in agreement) and as long as the government were in control of the education system, these things would continue to get worse.

The situation we find ourselves in now has evolved through years of government interference in our lives, and we now have GENERATIONS who believe this is the ONLY way things can be, and that there are NO OPTIONS, because they have not been taught at school that there ARE BETTER and MORE MORAL alternatives to the use of force.

I said that I would continue doing what I do, and would support him when they said things I agreed with, but would not compromise my principles.

I wished him all the best, and that he should keep me informed of his progress.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Giant Ayn Rand Poster

In a magazine I saw a house with a huge wall-size poster of Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and Che in, and really liked the idea, but didnt fancy a pic of any of those up on my wall, so made up my own Ayn Rand version - it is kind of Andy Warhol style (posterised).

I thought a giant photographic image of Ayn might give the kids nightmares, so thought this approach was a bit more artistic!

Mounted it on polystyrene, and put it up in my house today - it looks Fantastic - here are some pics of it.

I have a couple of interchangeable panels with a different quote on

The other quotes are:

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion


Reality is what it is regardless of your thoughts or wishes

When I get sick of one, I can change it for another.

Each panel of the poster is 660 x 510

Saturday, January 12, 2008

German boss fires staff for not smoking

This is an article I read on "" - see the link above

A small German company has fired its non-smoking employees for being disruptive, and sworn only to hire smokers from now on.

You can almost hear the wingeing of the non-smokers from HERE!

BRILLIANT - I wish this had been me!

But this is how things should be! An employer should have the right to hire the staff he requires or desires. Then there would be no NEED for ALL bars to be smoke free. People could chose to go to a bar that was either smoking or non-smoking. Bar owners of non-smoking bars could hire only non-smokers and vice versa.

Drinks and food etc would be more expensive in a smoking bar because:
The wages would possibly be HIGHER in a smoking bar due to the health risk involved.
The bar staff would be required to have personal health insurance, OR maybe the bar would have to have some kind of policy that covered its staff due to working in a smoky atmosphere.
The Health insurance premiums would be HIGHER because they are smokers
Only smokers to be admitted, or Admission on the acceptance or understanding of the health risks they are taking.

All these additional costs get passed on to the consumer - the bar patrons who chose to go to such an establishment.

The owner of a small German computer company has fired three non-smoking workers because they were threatening to disturb the peace after they requested a smoke-free environment.

The manager of the 10-person IT company in Buesum, named Thomas J., told the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper he had fired the trio because their non-smoking was causing disruptions.

Germany introduced non-smoking rules in pubs and restaurants on January 1, but Germans working in small offices are still allowed to smoke.

"I can't be bothered with trouble-makers," Thomas was quoted saying. "We're on the phone all the time and it's just easier to work while smoking. Everyone picks on smokers these days. It's time for revenge. I'm only going to hire smokers from now on."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Socialised Medicine AGAIN

Once again socialised medicine is in the headlines, and once again the tale is not a pretty one!

This time the government-run monopoly ACC will fork out over $20,000 worth of other peoples money to fix the ear of serial burglar Casey Voges, who had his ear bitten-off by a police dog.

Besides - how can ACC say this was an accident - the police dog was set upon the lowlife “on purpose.” Hardly an accident!

If this is going to happen every time a police dog is employed, then I suggest OSH get in on the act and put a ban on police dogs immediately.

Meanwhile, somebodies nanna, who has worked all her life, is removed from the waiting list to get her hip replaced to make way for some lowlife to get a bionic ear.

All I can say is: If you are waiting for the government-run health system to get “better” - don’t hold your breath! It will “never” happen, no matter how many more millions are funelled into it.

Just like a grocery shop with FREE groceries - the only way to ensure EVERYBODY gets some is to use a RATIONING system.

The only way a public health system run in conjunction with a government-held monopoly like the Accident Compensation Corporation or ACC could deliver any kind of FREE health care to EVERYBODY, whether they contribute to it or not, is by RATIONING

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Scumbags sentence is MEANS TESTED!

A little 17 year old scumbag got drunk in town, and smashed 7 windows of one of the local pubs.

He got caught, and was given 20 hours community service.

Because he was unemployed, he was not made to pay for the damages - that was left up to the pub owner.

The newspaper story says he was MEANS TESTED on his ability to pay, - what a BLOODY OUTRAGE.

Here is my letter to the paper concerning this story.


I am outraged at the pathetic sentence handed down to the 17 year-old vandal who smashed windows but was not made to pay for them.

I am more outraged that his sentence was MEANS TESTED!

A crime is a crime REGARDLESS of a persons bank ballance, or whether they have a job or not!

In this PC world that so many of you encourage, a filthy capitalist - with a job, or assets, will be penalised, while those poor downtrodden souls without a job, money or assets gets away scott-free!

Where is the justice in this? I wonder if this person had a mobile phone, a pair of Nikes and a labelled t-shirt though!

Contrary to what those of you who support nanny-state government say, I believe a child should be the responsibility of it’s parents until the day it get a job, leaves home and takes responsibility for its own life and actions. Until that day (no age limit - it should be up to the parents) they should be the responsibility of their parents, and THEY should be responsible for the childs actions, and made to pay.

This is not Justice. It is time these so-called professionals in the justice system were brought to account, as it appears the outrageous amount of money they get paid severelly affects their ability to THINK and make rational judgement!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reply to anonymous letter writer

Below is my reply to an anonymous letter I received in my letterbox (hand delivered!) telling me to stop picking on a particular letter writer (Mr Izett) who insists on banning everything he doesn't agree with - ie boxing, motor racing, smoking etc etc

I sent this letter to the newspaper - they didn't publish it of course, so I thought I would publish it here

Dear anonymous letter writer.
You write to me and say "grow up and stop harassing Mr Izett who always states facts and his opinions which he is entitled to do in this democratic country!" Why is he allowed to say things detrimental to MY life, yet I can say nothing to defend myself?

I repeat, I do not pick on anybody in particular for "no good reason" as you say, only those who say STUPID and unpricipled things, and those who think it is ok to interfere in MY life.

Why do you and Mr Izett not understand that calling for council or government to prevent me or others (with the use of force) from doing with our lives what we want is an act of agression. Mr Izett does this on a regular basis, and now there is YOU! The "democracy" that gives you and Mr Izett the opportunity to say stupid things, is the same democracy that allows "me" the right of reply.

You also tell me to "get a life!" Well, I have a very nice life thank you very much for caring, and I would like to keep it that way, that is why I find it necessary to defend it from interfering people like yourself and Mr Izett who would take it away from me! Mr Izett wants government to stop me from enoying boxing, speedway, and smoking (non of which I actually participate or enjoy, but that is not the point!)

What is it that little old men or ladies enjoy doing? I bet you would be screaming blue murder if Mr Izett's next letter wanted to ban bowls or Knitting.

If you and Mr Izettt and anybody else who wants a say in how I live my life promise to leave me alone, and stop telling me what I may or may not enjoy in life, I promise I wont pick on you any more, but as long as you insist on dictating what I can and cannot do with my life, it is "OPEN SEASON."