Saturday, November 24, 2012

The RATIONED government run health system

This is the result of giving away stuff for FREE.

This illustrates our Government run health system, and many other aspects of the welfare state.

People take as much as they can get their hands on whether they need it or not (because its free)

When the government run out of budget to keep the shelves stocked, they must RATION what they have left.

Because healthcare is FREE [sic] there will always be more people requiring treatment than the government can afford to fix, so Instead of clearing waiting lists by completing more operations, they just make it HARDER to get onto the waiting list in the first place, which means instead of receiving the best healthcare available, those the government force to pay for this unsustainable pyramid scheme receive the best healthcare the GOVERNMENT can afford to let them have!

Instead of getting fixed when WE want, we are only allowed to get fixed when the government say we are sick enough.

This is the thing that puzzles me.

Everybody agrees that they want to be FREE, and they all want FREEDOM, but what they REALLY WANT is THE FREEDOM TO OPPRESS OTHERS (ie to be free to vote away the rights and money of the minority).
Something Che Guevara became famous for.

I find it ironic that the picture of Obama on the boys shirt has the caption of HOPE on it! Perhaps he's hoping that the situation pictured is not going to happen as a result of his healthcare reforms in the US!

The word "hope" is much like the word "faith"
a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, based on spiritual apprehension in the absence of proof or facts.


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