Monday, September 17, 2012

More slaves required

A correspondent to the BOP Times recently had this to say in a recent letter to the editor.

 One gets tired of reading and hearing the "negative knockers" who try to impede progress, even on enhancement plans.

Just get on with it, this Pilot Bay boardwalk proposal is something that is needed and the project has my total support in the belief that it will be a huge improvement to the whole Pilot Bay area.

Here is my reply to Murray - an all those of his ilk.


I apologise to Murray Coppard for being a "negative knocker" and impeding his efforts of making my life so much much better. I shall go out immediately and enslave as many people as I can to get the work done immediately so as to increase our enjoyment of life!

Just because Murray agrees with this particular project, he thinks[sic] that everybody ELSE should be forced to agree with it too.

Murray is of the opinion that it is OK to use FORCE on others because HE thinks it is for their own good.

This attitude really gets up my nose, and I have trouble understanding how otherwise civilised and intelligent people (which I am sure he is) can resort to such behaviour

I  do NOT apologise for standing up for my rights, the rights to my life, my time, and my earnings - socialists HATE it when individuals speak out to protect their income and their rights from those who would rob and steal every last penny of their hard earned wages from the looters and do-gooders and busyboddies who know much better than I on how to spend my money.
These people would much rather us "negative knockers" just shut up and allow ourselves to be pillaged - we make life so inconvenient for them. Perhaps we should be bound and gagged to allow them easier access to our wallets.

If murray would like to offer up his OWN money (free of compulsion) and his own time in fundraising, I would possibly JOIN HIM, or at least praise him for his efforts.
However, I shall continue to be a "negative knocker" in regards to anybody on any topic where individuals are robbed against their will, and forced to be community spirited (an oxymoron)


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