Friday, August 05, 2011

Looters and Bludgers

The world - and our little backwater is no exception - is full of looters, bludgers, robbers, thieves and crooks. We even glamourise thieves like Robin Hood into being a good guy, where in fact he was a common crook (no wonder our children are confused), all of whom out to get some of what belongs to other people without having to earn it.

Wealth comes in many guises says Vanessa Byrnes - what some forget is that before that wealth can be stolen by these looters and moochers, it must first be earnt by somebody!

Without somebody earning it, crooks and moochers would have to find some alternative means of getting what doesn't belong to them, or else the poor things would actually have to work and create as opposed to thieve and loot.

Heaven forbid - they would have to spend their time thinking of ways to earn money instead of thinking of ways to take if from others.

Unfortunately, working is hard! It is much easier to get stuff without working for it, that is the reason you have a majorityvoting in favour of getting free stuff, ie. library books, TECT cheques art galleries etc.

I look forward with relish to the day when all the creators of wealth in the world go on strike. What will the looters and bludgers do then?

Maybe I will meet them at work!


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