Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take me to your leader

Here is a letter in the BOP Times concerning me.


I am puzzled by the letter from Graham Clark where he accuses the IRD of stealing money by way of taxes.
Perhaps Mr Clark wishes to tell readers how the government can run the country without receiving money from taxes.

Here is my reply - making use of numerous quotations from Ayn Rand

The child molesters of the mind have done a grand job brainwashing people like Lawrence Woods (with money taken from them under threats and force), into believing  they cannot function without their interference in their lives.

"The man who lets a leader prescribe his course is a wreck being towed to the scrap heap."
I don’t need a leader to tell me how and where I may educate my children, or when I am sick enough to go to hospital, or what I may or may not put into my body, how I may reprimand my children, or if I may or may not end my own life! This is a myth perpetrated by government - "your leader"  to make its citizens think they cannot function without them.

The function of government should be to protect its citizens from the use of force and fraud, - not inflict those things upon them - something I am sure we would all pay for voluntarilly.

Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.

I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

So to answer Mr Lawrences question HOW can they run it without taxes, the answer is "they can't, and nor should they." Unfortunately they "DO" and they WILL continue to do so all the while they have the minds of our children in their grasp, as is perfectly illustrated by Mr Lawrences question.


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