Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dole Bludgers NZ Wide now have a new pin-up Girl.

Dole Bludgers NZ Wide now have a new pin-up Girl.

Leanne Hardy has spent a great deal of her life stealing from me and you because she couldn’t be bothered working. She denied our children time with their parents while they had to work and earn enough money to keep themselves alive and pay for her to sit at home. Our children were deprived of things because a portion of the wages we earnt were taken from us (under threat of fines or jail) so that the likes of Leanne could do nothing and get paid for it.

How do these people live with themselves knowing this? The answer is they are not taught otherwise. They are brought up to believe they have a right to this money, and not taught where it comes from.

The irony is, Leanne is back on a benefit (god knows how or why) and the courts or whoever it was, have the temerity to say she is paying the stolen money back!

With money she has not had to earn! Stolen from its rightful owners (the taxpayer / worker) and given - unearned - to Leanne - so that she can give some of it back! All those who condone such a system should qualify for a sickness benefit. - What a farce.


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