Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simon Bridges Democracy Competition - What a Joke

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges is inviting senior secondary school students to compete in an essay competition about democracy.
Students from schools in his electorate are asked to write an essay of up to 1500 words on ‘young people and democracy’.

From the entrants, a winner is chosen by a committee to receive both a prize from Simon and earn entry into a larger pool of contestants from around the country to win a trip to Parliament.
In Wellington, the winner will visit the Prime Minister’s office, watch parliamentary debate and experience many other significant aspects of government.
The winner also receives a lunch at Bellamy’s at Parliament and joins a discussion with the president and members of the Association of Former Members of Parliament, who are sponsoring the essay competition.
“This essay competition will be a great way for Tauranga students to learn about democracy and will also allow one fortunate student to directly experience New Zealand democracy up close and personal,” says Simon.
“I wish I had had this kind of opportunity when I was at school.
“I didn’t visit Parliament until I was at university and I recall it was a real eye opener for me.
“I hope that a Tauranga student gets to have a special Parliament experience.”
Entry to the competition is handled through a student’s school and essays must be at Simon’s office by Monday, April11.

 (This story above quoted from the SunLive website:

The Tomahawk Kids Response: 

What a JOKE this is!

The child-molesters of the mind (ie government-run education system and curriculum) do not teach children that there is any alternative to the MAJORITY WINS system.

They have the monopoly of brainwashing our children and feeding them a one-sided  story, and then have the temerity to ask them to write a balanced essay , when they have absolutely NO IDEA that there is even any alternative.

Talk about mind control

They do not teach children that in a vote of 100 people 51 get to DESTROY the rights of 49 people.

They teach them that MINORITIES have NO RIGHTS.

They teach them that it is OK to gang up with likeminded people and BULLY under threat of FORCE and imprisonment - the minority. - THEN they have the temerity to run a campaign that BULLYING is BAD!!!

Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what to have for dinner!

They teach that individuals HAVE NO RIGHTS! When we are ALL individuals.

The result of this competition will be a disgrace - a true indication of the grip government have on the lives of our children and our country.

If they taught that there is an alternative, people like Simon would not have a job.

The winners get a LUNCH AT BELLAMYS so they can get an early induction into the life of a parasite (oops - I mean politician)


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