Monday, February 14, 2011

Michael Laws

I see what's happening.

The purveyors of political correctness (none of whom will admit to the fact) will keep moaning and whinging until all those with the testicular fortitude to speak their mind and say it like it is for fear of hurting some poor souls feelings (ie: Paul Henry, Michael Laws, Andy Hayden etc)  - are silenced, so eventually we will live in a country where mediocrity rules, where competition is outlawed, where excellence is scorned, where the truth is never spoken, there are no winners or losers, where the word I is banned and replaced with we, and where all kittens are white so you can see them at night.

As much as I disagree with them much of the time (and Michael Laws can be a pompous arse at times) I say thank heavens for the likes of Michael Laws and Paul Henry - I would rather have 2 the likes of them than a thousand of the alternative whom the politically correct would suffocate this once proud nation with.

At least they have an opinion, and dont just regurgitate what they think other people want to hear them say.


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