Thursday, August 19, 2010

BOP Times Promotes Cuban Champion of Human Rights - Fidel Castro

I am appalled at the BOP Times thoughtless and insensetive promotion of the Cuban torturer, thug and murderer Fidel Castro in a recent full page article dedicated to this Cuban champion of Human Rights, and all round good guy.

Take a good look at the faces of the two pictured above. They are the faces of men who co-founded a regime that jailed more of its subjects than did Stalin's and murdered more its subjects in its first three years in power than did Hitler's in its first six.

It says in the BOP Times story that he left out details of his sex life in the book - no mention of the thousands who disagreed with him who he had murdered by firing squad either.

Castro is a torturer-par-excellence. Of course he had quite a bit of help from his brother Raul and “Human Rights paragon”, Che Guevara. Just ask any of his gulag survivors.

He jailed and tortured at a rate higher than Stalin and refuses (unlike Apartheid South Africa, Pinochet’s Chile and Somoza’s Nicaragua) to allow Amnesty International or the Red Cross to inspect his prisons. Why stop there though? Why not do a follow up on Adolph Hitler, and all the good things he did for Germany?

If he did so much good for the cuban people, then why people were forbidden to leave?

Explain why they risked everything - including their lives -mto cross shark infested waters to escape?
Explain why there was no cue of people trying to get “In to cuba”
This is not freedom - it is oppression. Castro wanted to be free to submit them all to communism which is the opposite to freedom
 Castro and Che converted a nation with a higher per capita income than half of Europe, the 13th lowest infant-mortality rate in the world, whose industrial workers earned the eighth-highest wages in the world, whose peso was valued higher than the U.S. dollar, into a pesthole that repels Haitians. This "revolutionary" process also graced Cuba with a lower credit rating than Somalia, fewer phones per capita than Papua New Guinea, fewer internet connections than Uganda, and 20 per cent of her population gone - all at total cost of their property and many at the cost of a horrible death by exposure, drowning and/or sharks. This from a nation that formerly enjoyed a higher influx of immigrants per-capita (primarily from Europe) than the U.S.  Prior to Castro/Che rule, more Americans lived in Cuba than Cubans in the U.S. 

Yes, Cuba was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Under Castro it became one of the poorest. 

It did however excell in one export product.

Human blood, which was milked from many of Fidels firing squad victims before they were murdered.

What a great place - If only we had a leader like Fidel eh?

If we did there would be no artists, rock music, or poetry, Fidel and Che used to round them up and put them in his gulags to do meaningful labour.
Ask Ches nephew who had to escape Cuba because he was a rock musician.

The pleasures--and even the normalities-of life that Fidel’s government prohibited his subjects were for him daily fare. Women, food, movies, fast cars-he had it all-all the time.

The useful idiots who idolise these 2 murderers now would be lined up against the wall and shot. If that’s the kind of freedom you want - you are welcome to it.

I recommend books by Huberto Fontova for those interested in reading the real story about Hollywoods Favorite Tyrant

also “Against All Hope” Armando Valladares’ account of over twenty years in Fidel Castro’s gulag. Arrested in 1960 for being philosophically and religiously opposed to communism.

But don't let any of these attrocities put you off - Im sure he was a real ni ce guy!

I look forward to the BOP Times next thoughtful feature - The Human Rights achievements of Adolf Hitler Followed by Mao Tse Tung.


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