Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to MIlk a Sitting Duck

ah! - Im glad you asked Pip! How to milk a sitting duck.

Well, first off - and as you may have already guessed - this is a process most commonly undertaken by socialists, as they are the ones most likely not to let the moral principles of "not forcing others to comply with their wishes." get in the way of getting a good bucketfull.
Secondly, being able to spot a prime candidate for milking is the next important aspect.

Ratepayers and taxpayers are quite often prime targets, as - due the the use of force, and the consequences of not complying to this barbaric and uncivilised procedure - the suspects are unable to get away, leaving them to either be milked or fined or thrown in jail. (and you thought we lived in a civilised society?)

The milkers are not put off by this travesty as they are doing it for the common good, and we all know that minorities have no rights right!

The product of the milking process is not actually milk, but gravy. The very same gravy that puts the gravy in "gravy train."

Why the confusing name? Well, just like good bureaucrats, they have identified that gravy is a nasty brown colour, often thick and lumpy, and not all that appetising to some, so in true bureaucratic fashion, they have changed the name of it to something that sounds a little less offensive (much like they have with  the word Theft, which they changed to tax, or unbundling the loop.

At present we are in the middle of the sitting duck milking championships, because contenders are popping their heads out of the woodwork left right and centre, demanding to milk ratepayers for libraries, stadiums, speedway, galleries and dog knows what, not to mention still being milked dry to pay for K-Road!

Picking the winners will be a tough job - several of the socialists from the left (Shame Jones, Chris Carter etc spring to mind) or the other left party no doubt, but I can tell you who the losers will be - thats right - the ratepayers aka the sitting ducks

Oh, and by the way Pip - there are, and were  NO references to my choice of government - apart from the sentiments and philosophy aluded to in my letters. I despise the politics of the red party as much as I despise the politics of the BLUE party - which used to be referred to as left and right, but which are now Left and Lefter!


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