Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thieving Bastards


What is the difference between Shame - sorry - I mean Shane Jones, the other thieving politicians running amuck with taxpayer credit cards, and the Tauranga couple caught recently ripping off $250,000 worth of benefits?

Nothing! OK, in the case of the benefit fraudsters the total may have been a bit larger, but the sentiment behind the theft was the same. - That being: “I want something for nothing” - I want something that belongs to somebody else, and I don’t care how I get it.”

No morals, no principles, just pre-meditated theft. 

The end result was the same. ie. In time of recession, hard working, honest, tax-paying individuals had their money taken from them by force and deceit, by people too lazy to do a productive job and earn it themselves.

Who no doubt put a lot of effort and thought into how to go about it, so they did do some work towards getting their hands on the cash, proving that they have no morals - they would rather earn the money illegally and dishonestly rather than legally and morally, and that they have a total disregard for you and I - the people who go to work and pay their taxes.

These creeps were happy, knowing they were taking food from the mouths of my children, just so they didn't have to go to work.

The tragic thing is that the couple will still be entitled to vote at the next election, and vote for the party - people like Shame Jones in fact - who promises to give them more of the same.

Shame Jones is a socialist (or is that communist) who is firmly of the belief that he is entitled to a share of the earnings of hard working people, and when he is not given a BIG enough share of it, he is happy to deceitfully top it up with the credit card - using it to pay for porno movies - and who knows what else in the past.

Oh yes, they will all pay it back I’m sure. The couple at 50c a week (taken from their benefit probably) and Shame Jones from money taken from other people in the form of tax - hardly a just punishment at all.  

Jones and the rest should get at least the 18 months in jail the beneficiary fraudsters got - but no. He will be back to ripping us off (legally of course) in no time.

But we must think this kind of behaviour is acceptable, because we (or at least YOU)  keep voting for more of the same!


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