Monday, February 01, 2010

Free Library books! - Since When

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you can be assured our society is doomed as long as there are people out there who demand others be forced to pay for things that they want.

They believe they have a right to your your wages, your time and hence your life, which to follow to its natural conclusion means that you are nothing less than a slave, for this is what they demand.

They will of course deny this fact, and make all kind of excuses to justify their demands, generally based on statements like “for the common good,” or “something a civilised society does,” disregarding that the use of force is the most uncivilised action one human being can enact upon another, and of course to which the only excuses are ignorance of, or a total disregard to property rights.

There is no such thing as a “Right” to free library books as a “right” is something you do not have to ask for (or demand others pay for.)

If people are so passionate about free books being available, there are alternatives that involve voluntary interaction and charities and that do not require the compulsory enslavement of others to achieve - they only require a little work and dedication, but it’s just far easier to place that burden upon a bunch of sitting ducks (ratepayers) who are unable to remove themselves from the sights of  their gun.

A free library is a good and noble idea - the way some people wish to achieve it is not - think again

Where do you think the money comes from to let you borrow books for free?
Yes, we are in a recession - some people are struggling to buy food, while the council takes money from them by force, so that you can borrow a book for free - How is that fair?

ROSEMARY: (Who says rates are too high already)
You are correct - Council could reduce rates immediately by not forcing ratepayers to pay for books, art galleries, and all other non essential things and let people spend their own money on things that are important to them.

maybe the council should not take it from people and let them spend it on things


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