Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Government-run health system

This woman was complainig about the health system - here is my reply

Helen I completely sympathise with the sentiments in your letter, but you must realise that - people in this country do have an option, but they continue to chose a government-run system that advocates healthcare rationing.

If a supermarket advertised they were giving away free food, they would never be able to keep the shelves stocked. The same goes for the Government run health system. The only way they can continue to operate is if they ration the health care.

This is the system New Zealanders continue to demand, and the system they continue to moan about. No matter how much money any government put aside, it would never be enough because they are giving it away free.

You would do just as well to cut the bottom off a bucket, and try and fill it up with water!

It is fact that the majority of New Zealanders are denied the best healthcare available because they are forced to pay for a rationed, government-run system.
With a private healthcare system you would be telling “them” when you “want” treatment instead of waiting for them to say you are sick enough to receive it.
Everything the government is in control of is in crisis mode - thank god they dont run the supermarkets.


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