Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ban on Sunbeds

Why do they bother teaching history in schools?

Nobody learns a damn thing from it - that or they just don’t teach the right history!

What is banning sun beds going to do?

One thing for certain it will not remove peoples desire to use them.

Banning them will have exactly the same result as banning anything else!
(NOTE: If you are one of the mindless ones that screams BAN IT at every opportunity, please replace the word "sunbeds" with your BAN of choice - ie: Cigarettes, tobacco, Pseudoephedrine, Chocolate etc etc)

What is that?

Let me list them for you.

Drive them underground and create a black market for them.
Hand a new business opportunity and monopoly to unscrupulous, unhygenic, un-trained, un-registered operators trading with no responsibility, no guarantees, and no rules.
Create a market for dangerous, home-made, un-regulated, un-tested equipment, because purchasing quality, tested equipment has been outlawed.

Turn schoolgirls, young mothers, healthy young bodybuilders and otherwise law-abiding people into criminals.

The lron law of prohibition guarantees that outlawed goods become smaller (for concealement purposes), more concentrated (for ease of transportation and economy) More expensive (due to the risks taken) and far more dangerous.

The answer lies in Education, and personal responsibility. Instead of rewarding people with free healthcare for putting their lives at risk doing crazy things, make them responsible for their healthcare.

If they wish to partake in dangerous activities, insurance companies will charge them accordingly. People would become better informed, and more careful and whats more, receive the best healthcare available instead of healthcare rationing.


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