Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When is a vote not a vote? When it's an AUCTION

This nice chap wrote a letter to the BOP Times complaining about how many letters I have published on the topic of Property Rights.

Here is my Reply

Yes Kevin Newman, property rights do dictate what I have for breakfast. They say I can eat anything I like that belongs to me. Unlike those who do not value their importance and would have a vote on whether they should take 20% of my breakfast or whatever else takes their fancy!

The letters column is 95% full of people demanding a share of one thing or another that belongs to others, and you feel the need to complain about the 5% who point it out! One person opposing the abuse and ignorance of property rights, and it upsets you!

When your grandchildren ask you one day “what are property rights grandad?” perhaps you will reflect on the time you had nothing better to do than complain about one person who campaigned thanklessly to protect your grandchildrens rights to their own property, before you have to look up the meaning of the words in the dictionary in order to answer them. Or will you just say “they are a thing of the past son - Nobody has property rights these days! I don’t know how, but they just slowly disappeared, one at a time, until we had none left! We voted them away, and changed the meaning of words in order to get our hands on other peoples property if we thought we had a better need for it” Now get back in the bread queue!

I see the enemy coming, and I am raising the alarm - but the lure of other peoples money is far more attractive than boring old property rights!

Good luck in the future! - you’ll need it without them!


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