Thursday, January 29, 2009

Socialists on a Soapbox

I recently ran a four part story in my music column in the local newspaper on the evils of Funding, which was in direct reply to another BOP Times columnist explaining how it was now much easier to get funding, and how much more and how much more often you can apply for it etc

A local musician had a go at me saying that I should write about music and that I was political grandstanding.

Here is one of my replies to him - one I shall print in my column, the other I will send as a letter to the editor.

It’s a sorry place we live in when every socialist on a soapbox - demanding to be given other peoples money - is accepted as moral and acceptable behaviour, but one person points out that it is immoral, he is slammed for political grandstanding!

By simply exposing the immorality of a bunch of looters intent on using force on others to get what doesn’t belong to them, I’m accused of political grandstanding!

First Margaret Wilson threatens to get involved in the local music scene, then a BOP Times columnist explains how much easier it is going to be to get your hands on funding, and another columnist telling us we should be forced to pay more to council so they can provide us with a long list of attractions that private enterprise could provide better and more efficiently!

Where were the objections to these? - Not a baaa was to be heard!

In their constant search for supporters the looters are delving ever more regularly into the vulnerable arts and music fraternity who are generally not overly political people, but who are susceptible to being bribed with promises of wads of other peoples money.

Socialism is a runaway train picking up speed, and getting harder to stop by the day.

I have seen the runaway train and trying to raise the alarm, but it seems most are too interested in watching the ensuing wreck to do anything about it!


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