Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Advance auction of stolen goods

I wrote this after reading in todays paper that John Key came to Tauranga and promised to fast-track a 4-lane highway through Tauranga (but only if we voted for him)!
Even the edditor thought this was a blatant election bribe to dedicate her editorial to it.

I hate election time - it destroys my faith in mankind as it brings out the savage and primeval characteristics in otherwise rational and civilised people.

This election is a shameless advance auction of stolen goods, and I am ashamed to think either Clarke or Key think they are fit to govern our once proud nation.

I am ashamed that Kiwis get so caught up and sucked in to being party to this sickening display!

Why do you not see that they
are bribing you to vote for them with money they have already stolen from you!

If you do see it and choose to ignore it, what makes you think it is civilised behaviour?

Only one party - Libertarianz - refused to take this immorally-taken money to spend on trying to bribe you, refusing to compromise their principles, whereas the others - well, they don't have any principles to compromise, so accepting stolen money is acceptable to them.

They are bribing you with promises of more and bigger gifts - only problem is, the more they promise to give you, the more they must steal from you to pay for it in the future

Where do they intend getting that money from? Has anybody told them there is a recession?

In the current economic climate, businesses - people who have to earn or produce something- all around the country - the world even, are cutting back on spending because money is very tight.

Not our politicians - they are spending up large, and promising you extravagant gifts and bribes if you vote for them. Dont you feel

How come people who have to work hard to actually earn money are economising, while those who do not earn anything, but actually "steal" any money they have, are spending up large? How does that work?

Surely New Zealanders aren't that stupid that they can't see this!

Maybe they just get caught-up in the blood-lust of it all, mindlessly chanting their party's mantra regardless of whether they are right, or just, or moral

Here are a couple of things to think about before voting.

The lesser of two evils is still "evil!"
Don't give your permission to a party to do things you disagree with - it's stupid.


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