Thursday, September 18, 2008

Save the Kiwi Please (Mr Tegel)

What is it that saves thousands of pet rabbits and other cute furry family pets from being slaughtered by predators?

Let me tell you!

It is property rights!

It is our entitlement to buy or sell, care for, breed, and profit from that gives them a “value” as either a family pet or as a business proposition.

It is property rights that give us the incentive to protect and nurture and develop blood lines and pedigrees etc.

Do we want to save the kiwi, or just “talk about saving the kiwi?”

I reckon if the Kiwi was given the same opportunity of property rights that all the other non-endangered species (such as cows, sheep, chickens, horses, dogs, cats etc) benefit from, and if somebody was to give Mr Tegel or Mr Braemar a cheque for $200,000, the words kiwi bacon (and egg) would soon have a truly different meaning.

40 million sheep say the system works.

It is our insistence on allowing a government monopoly on the health and wellbeing of the species that ensures they remain on the endangered species list!

They cant be trusted to successfully run a health system or an education system for humans, why on earth do we trust them with something as crucial as saving the kiwi from extinction?


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