Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why is P the Scourge of Society?

I agree with Robin Bishop that P is the scourge of society but it only holds this position because government, and faulty logic by the people who vote for and appease those governments - have put it there.

It is the scourge of society because much better, and safer drugs are unavailable.

P is cheap to manufacture, so why is it so expensive?

Huge amounts of money are made by criminals and drug dealers only because it is illegal.
The Iron law of prohibition guarantees this (google it).

Just because governments make it illegal, doesnt mean it will go away and that will stop doing it - just look at the ineffective squillion dollar war on drugs to confirm this fact.

If you want to blame somebody, blame people like Jim Neanderton and successive governments for refusing to pay attention to history, who continue to ban things they disagree with.

It is hypocritical to demonise P, while alchohol kills people and ruins lives every day, but that is still legal!

Why do New Zealanders continue to vote for governments that condone drinking?

It is governments interfering in the lives of individuals to do with their own bodies what they chose that causes the problem. Yes, anybody “under the influence of drugs” that commits a crime should be jailed, but jailing somebody “because they have taken drugs that “you” dont like” is a worse crime.

Stop prosecuting people for victimless crimes and concentrate on crime with victims.

Although I believe eventually that all drugs should be legalised, We have been conditioned by successive governments to be far too irresponsible for that to take place immediately, and a transition period would be necessary for people to educate themselves on responsibility and drug use before that was to take place.


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