Monday, August 04, 2008

NZ Politicians - From Phlebotomy to a Lobotomy

More private property and innocent lives threatened in direct relation to STUPID policies made by your elected officials, whose SOLE PURPOSE should be to PROTECT YOUR LIVES AND PROPERTY

What is it called when the CURE is WORSE than the CAUSE?

- I call it Stupidity!


In the dark ages, the miracle cure for every ailment was bloodletting - the name for which was phlebotomy.

When the medical profession worked out that this didn’t fix ailments but made them worse, there was no apology to those who had suffered by their barbarous practices, they just quietly started doing something else, but at least they came to reality, realised what they were doing did not work and stopped doing it.

Our government bureaucrats obviously never learned a thing during history lessons (government run schools didn’t work back then either!) because meanwhile in 2008 the miracle cure to fix everything is to either “ban, or tax it out of existence.”

There is a special name for this practice also - “stupidity!”

The difference between decision-makers in the dark ages and those today is they were willing to learn from their mistakes.

In direct relation to high government taxes on tobacco, another private business is robbed for cigarettes, and innocent lives and private property threatened by normally law-abiding people who can no longer afford to purchase cigarettes, who instead must turn to robbery when they would would rather be sitting peacefully having a cigarette and a cup of tea at home.

How will the “Nico-Nazis” fix the problem?

By banning it (tobacco), or increasing the tax on it of course, - and in the process, destroying the rights of yet another group of people from doing something they chose, not to mention handing gangs and organised criminals yet another monopoly which to run at considerable profit.

I do not condone cigarette smoking, I do however vehemently champion the rights of the individual to do with their own body whatever they chose.


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