Friday, July 25, 2008

Taurangas ailing CBD

Big news in Tauranga at the moment is that the council want to spend $150,000 on employing a bureaucrat to revitalise Taurangas failing CBD

Here is my take on the subject, and something I have written about in the past.

Why is the CBD (Central Business District) the CBD?

Because private businesses chose to congregate in one place to do business

How did it become the CBD?

Not because a bureacrat or council said it was, or organised it - It became the CBD through voluntary choice!

Why is it failing?

Because it is too expensive for businesses to operate from there and make a profit.

Because rents are high!


Because the rates are high!


Because somebody has to pay for all the work and services that the council have taken it upon themselves to be responsible for for, like parking wardens, parking meters, a bureaucrat in charge of parking wardens, a bureaucrat to fix the failing CBD, meetings to elect a bureaucrat to fix the CBD etc.

You are asking the people responsible for the failure to fix it, and as long as the council is involved, the problem will continue. Remove the council from the private affairs of business immediately.

Retailers are voting with their feet but you wont accept the fact! Council are looking for something to point the finger at and find a magical cure when they are the cause of the disease.

Want to know how to fix it?

Laissez Faire (hands-off) capitalism, which means "private initiative and production are best allowed a minimal of economic intervention and taxation by the state beyond what is necessary to maintain individual liberty, peace, security, and property rights.

Cr Baker did however make one astute observation.

"In the real world, businesses are suffering and the only organisations that do not suffer in bad times are central and local government."


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