Monday, May 26, 2008

Christian values and FORCE

My reply to a Christian woman, complaining about schools teaching contraception and vaccines to enhance immunity to HIV diseases.

She says the REAL CANCER is "its your choice", brandished through media, family planning and schools. and the solution is to force them to be educated with a return to Christian values.

I say the REAL CANCER is busybodies wishing to enforce their will upon others


Margaret Muir - I would love for you to be free to have your children educated by the principles of your religion, unfortunately, it sounds like you would not return me the courtesy of letting me have mine educated by principles that I value, and would like to force MY children to be educated under them also.

The REAL cancer you talk about is not “freedom of choice” upon which you misguidedly lay the blame - it is in people like you, wishing to enforce your beliefs upon others! - The cancer you seek is called FORCE!

You are forced to pay for an education system that does not meet your principles. That’s not my fault - it is yours! I refuse to vote for those who would take away my right to provide the best healthcare and education for my family.

Remove the state from the education sector, and you would be free to send your children to a school that teaches christian values and creationism etc, and others would be free to send their children to a school that teaches evolution and contraception. That way everybody gets what they want, and nobody is forced against their will! The only people unhappy are those who wish to impose their will upon others by force. Unfortunately there’s no vaccine in New Zealand to cure the epidemic of busybodyism, so I have to make do with trying to expose spreaders of the disease via letters to the editor!


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