Sunday, May 11, 2008

Margaret Bloody Wilson back in Town - aaarrrrrggghhhh

Now that Margaret Bloody Wilson has quit her job as speaker of the house, she is looking for something new to do.

Lucky old Tauranga looks like it will be the benefactor of her activities, as it was reported recently that she is moving back to Tauranga, and has become the new figurehead and patron of Creative Tauranga - a council funded group that interferes in the arts etc.

One area Margaret intends to interfere in (or develop as SHE puts it) is Taurangas Music scene!


She wants to see more venues for musicians, especially those trying to break in to the industry.

What! like supplying them with sound gear, or free practice rooms etc?

There is a saying that goes” The result of saving men from folly is to fill the world with fools!” Well, this can be equally applied to the music business! “The result of saving musicians from paying their dues is to fill the world with CRAP MUSICIANS!”

Tauranga has one of the most vibrant and successful music scenes in the country, which it has achieved through merit and achievement, fuelled by passion and desire to achieve, and NOT by artificial council-funded sponsorship.

I mean you dont see “sponsored by the Hackney city council” on the back of the Iron Maiden CD covers do you? NO! These guys did it because music was their life, their passion, and they would have done it if they had to walk over broken glass, and not because it was made easy for them by being given other peoples money to rehearse.

However did we manage before she came along?

What the FUCK does she know about the music scene? (sorry about the profanities, but this really is something to get angry about)

The best thing ANY bureaucrat can do for the Tauranga music scene is get out of the bloody way.

The Tauranga music scene needs Margaret Bloody Wilson like a guitarist needs a broken string.


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