Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Socialism is like Herpes - It just wont go away!

The talk in Tauranga at the moment is how the council are about to startcharging for the use of boat ramps, and possibly start, or at least increase user charges at the public library. One councillor - Rick Curack has even had the nerve to suggest closing the Greerton and Mt Library altogether (shock horror!)

This got me to thinking how we came to find ourselves in this predicament! When did people start to EXPECT AS A RIGHT to get given things for NOTHING!
I dont have the answer to that question, but I do know that it is a disease - much like herpes - it just wont go away!

Here is my letter to the editor on the subject
Where, in some peoples life do they get the idea that they have a right to the fruits of anothers labour?
What makes made them believe “I want to do something and somebody ELSE should be FORCED to pay for it?”
Free Libraries and boat ramps etc are a lovely concept, but the FACTS are that to achieve these things somebody somewhere is having THEIR property taken away from them by FORCE to pay for you to enjoy that privilege!
Whatever makes you think that’s OK?
If they weren’t funded by council, it doesn’t mean they would disappear! It means they would become MORE EFFICIENT, and ONLY the people that use them would be paying for the privilege, and not those who DO NOT! Why is THAT a bad thing?
Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, and succeeding at neither, council should remove themselves from these activities, and concentrate on essential services, that they are struggling to provide successfully.
The socialist disease epidemic is doing this by making you believe it’s acceptable to resort to the most uncivilised action that one man can enact upon another - FORCE!
It is NOT OK, MORAL or Civilised, and it’s destined to fail! - take the die-while-you-wait health[sic] system, and the failing education system as examples.
Who are all the top achieving schools? PRIVATE! Where is all the best medical care available? PRIVATE!
You too could benefit from these superior services if you weren’t forced to pay for the underachieving government-run versions


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