Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chinese Water Shortage

Goodness gracious me! The Chinese have a water crisis! I wonder why that is?

If you are one of those people adverse to using your own brain, and prefer government bureaucrats to do it for you, then let me answer that for you!

The water system is run by the Government!

Surprise surprise!

They want to fix the water crisis.

How do they propose to fix it?

By opening the monopoly up to private enterprise and investment that is how!

Why is it that everytime a government run enterprise is in crisis they call for the private sector to fix it?

When it is up and running successfully what is the bet that it will be nationalised - confiscated - stolen (shades of Telecom) by the government because it is an essential service!

Who is going to invest (risk) billions of privately earnt dollars in making this project work only for it to be stolen off them when it is successful?

Then when the shares of this company hit rock bottom, hear the screams of outrage, blaming the filthy capitalists.

Seems to me like everything run by governments is in crisis

Will we learn anything from this?

I doubt it! Every time there is another crisis here - education, health, law and order, we keep asking the people who CAUSED the crisis to FIX it!

Doesn't make sense to me - what do you think?


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