Friday, March 14, 2008

Euthanasia and rights

Hylton Rhodes may be the voice for life, but he is certainly not the voice for reason!

There is only one thing more certain than more taxes under our present style of government, and that is death!

We are all going to die Mr Rhodes, so whether that be after a long-drawn-out and painful illness, praying that one god or another will bless us with his favour and miraculously cure us, or face up to the facts and reality, and book in to cut the unpleasantries short, and end it tomorrow!

It would be a fast, economical, inexpensive, and most of all FINAL process, so attempting to pull up Mr Watkins on his belief that tax is theft (which it still is!) does not stack up.

It would be a very courageous person to make tthe euthanasia option, and not one that would be made lightly, as there is no second chance!

It is my choice at the moment to stay alive as long as possible, and NOT take this option, but should I find myself in such an unfortunate position, I should be entitled to make that final decision, as it is MY life - nobody elses.

What is life without freedom? Mr Watkins is a tireless champion of freedom, fighting a never ending battle against the hordes of general busybodies, local bureaucrats and party politicians, all who want a say in how other people live their lives.

I do not wish to take anything away from the anti euthanasia people.

If they chose not to take that option, it is their choice, but they wish to take away something from me, yet they are the ones who feel agrieved!

My grandfather fought for his life and our freedom, against oppression from those who would impose their will upon us by force.

We are now fighting against those among us who are doing the same thing!

I do not agree to your denial of my rights on religious grounds as I am not religious, so what measure of force do you intend to use, and to what lengths will you go to deny me my rights?

Graham Clark - the voice for MY life.


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