Friday, February 22, 2008

New Zealanders voting for themselves - NOT

Concerning Larry Baldock blowing his own trumpet in a full page advertorial in the Bay News newspaper, Wed 20 02 08

In this advertorial, Larry tells us that there are two reasons why many people have not signed his second petition, calling for a referendum on the anti-smacking bill.

I would like to explain to Larry Baldock there is a third reason why I, and others have not signed his referendum petition. (I did sign the anti-smacking petition.)

The reason being for a concept that Larry would not understand, and therefore has not even considered. (despite the title at the top of this page that says "New Zealanders voting for themselves.")

This concept is called "individual rights!"

A referendum is the counting of heads - not the quality or the content of the thoughts in those heads!

It is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner!

A referendum stands for "mob rule!" where the majority get to vote away the rights of a minority. (the smallest minority of course being the individual.)

For example, lets say out of 100 people, 51 people get to impose what they want over 49 people!

That is a very large amount of people who have been denied their rights because of 1 vote!

If the rights of the individual were protected by law, 49 people would get to do what they believe in, and would be happy, while 51 people could mind their own business!

The 49 people are not trying to take anything away from the 51,
but the 51 want to take something away from the 49!

A referendum means that 51 people get to force 49 people to do what THEY want!
Individual rights mean EVERYBODY gets to do what they want (so long as they do not use force or fraud upon others)

Unfortunately many do not understand this concept, falsely believing that what they think or believe is right (religious fundamentalists and most mainstream politicians and local body bureaucrats being prime examples) , and wish to force their ideas or morals onto others - a prime and topical example being the subject of euthanasia.

I support Larry Baldocks action on the anti-smacking bill because (whether I personally believe in it or not,) it would return rights to those from whom they were stolen.

Unfortunately, Larry would impose his will upon others on different topics - he gives with the right hand, and takes away with the left because he does not understand the very basic principles of property rights and the rights of the individual.


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