Sunday, February 10, 2008

All those in favour say "aooooowww!"

In a socialist democracy where people get a say in spending money that does not belong to them - here are the rules of the game!

People vote. The majority win. 51% are happy - 49% are unhappy!

This is democracy at work! The counting of heads - not the quality of the THOUGHTS in the heads, but MOB RULE!

Tauranga voted in its majority- small as it was - against a museum.

Now, you would think that those in favour of democracy would say “ OK, fair enough - the majority have spoken!

But because the result is not what Graeme Purchase desired, he is complaining about it!

Those who would have us governed by people or political parties without principle should quit complaining when they actually get what they asked for - that, or put a little more thought into who they vote for.

Under a Laissez-fare (hands-off) capitalist style government you can spend your money on what YOU want. Everybody is happy except those who want a say in what others do with theirs!

Mr Purchase wants the benefits of capitalism by socialist means. (which is morally impossible!)

He wants HIS, but ALSO wants to tell you what to do with YOURS!

So what’s it to be Mr Purchase? - I chose property rights every time!


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