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Che Guevara - Butchers apprentice

There was an article in the BOP Times about how we are sick of all these serial killers becoming celebrities with movies and documentaries made about them and glorifying ther attrocities.

I wrote the following letter adding another serial killer to the list.

It sure hit a nerve in little old Tauranga, and Two writers were outraged and disgusted at me exposing their hero.

I will publish their letters below my original one here.


I would like to add one more popular culture pin-up boy to the “Serial killers no longer cool” list! Che Guevara - who murdered thousands, yet is tattoed on Angelina Jolies anatomy, and is the “role-model” [sic] of Carlos Santana, Rage Against The Machine, and Johnny Depp, not to mention plastered all over t-shirts sold by Hallensteins and J-Jays!
Che Guevara is touted as a “freedom-fighter” but his version of freedom was for Cuba to be ruled by Communism which is hardly Freedom! If you didn’t agree with this version of freedom, you were murdered by Che and his thugs. Che detested rock-n-roll and had a particular dislike of longhairs, hippies, musicians, and artists.

Che was a hypocrite and preached anti-capitalism, but after a hard day at the office signing execution warrants he would retire to his mansion complete with big-screen remote control tv, swimming pool and yacht, while he wore a rolex, his people lived in poverty.
After decimating the wealth and industry of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, he started a new industry with an unlimited wealth of raw product - BLOOD - The blood of his firing squad victims, whom he bled almost dry before hanging them up to be shot. Freedom-fighter - NOT!


I would like to express my outrage over the ideas of Graham Clark whose letter denouncing Che as a hypocrite and murderer featured in the BOP Times.
Not only was his information twisted and presented out of context, at times it was fabricated and factually inaccurate.

Mr Clark failed to mention that those executed were usually informers, traitors, spies or defectors, and this is standard practice for a guerilla unit such as that commanded by Che.

Mr Clarks claims that Che was concerned with personal wealth and was ignorant of his people are disgusting and false . . .

At a time when corporate rule overpowers humanity and neo liberalist capitalism prevails revolutionaries like che have never been more important.

When you insult him as you have you insult others like him and you anger those who respect him, and you humiliate yourself.

By Sam Oldham., Tauranga


Before Graham Clark goes around badmouthin famous personalities he should check his facts . . . Graham complains Che was a mass murderer who killed thousands, a h ypocrit who lived in luxury and a communist who was anti freedom.

The reality is Che was nothing like this.

Commanding the state prison he had 150-500 oppresive Cuban heads of state executed (excuse me, but isnt that a contradiction of what he just said?)

Incidentally it was the CIA who had him killed while he was in Bolivia trying to free up the Americas from the US.
I wear my che shirt proudly - the True Freedom Fighter.

A. Artus., Tauranga


I have of course replied to these two terribly misguided individuals, and I shall post that reply tomorrow.


Anonymous writeups said...

It was refreshing to read your letter in the BOP Times! The real tragedy is that I know one of the letter writers rather well - and am shocked at his misguided worship of a commie murderer.
When he says that Che is the real freedom fighter I wonder what has happened to reason in this world.

9:39 pm  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

Thank you writeups - I would like to keep this debate going with this person, and find out WHY or HOW they can have such a twisted view of freedom - as I said - thousands died trying to ESCAPE this kind of freedom, but the BOP Times refused to publish my letter in response - perhaps you could pass on my blog to your aquaintance

12:40 am  
Anonymous Chaunce said...

I'm a bit doubtful of exactly how luxurious Che's life was after they overthrew the government, I had always thought him to be the opposite. However, I'm not quite read up on this subject and wouldn't consider myself to know enough to have an opinion. Where did you get your information from?

5:35 pm  
Anonymous Chris said...

Sorry Chance, looks like no sources. Made up from libertarian stories.

1:55 am  

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