Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr Ingram sports the Emperor's New Clothes

Here is a RESPONSE to a letter I had published in the BOP Times, concerning the government-run health system, and cancer statistics.

Below this is my response to the man.

I shall go and visit the man to discuss this matter next week!


Graham Clarks letter reveals his ignorance of NZs cancer therapy labelling it as die-while-you-wait appears scaremongering and irresponsible.

He uses cancer numbers to promote his political notions that socialised medicine kills and he claims that healthcare systems will always lack sufficient resources to treat all those seeking care with the result of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

In response: NZ Has wowrld class excellence in cancer treatment, specialists, equipment and skilled caring therapists. Should Mr Clark or his family be unfortunate enough to develop cancer he might be most grateful to be living here and receive prompt, expert, life-saving therapy - at no extra cost to himself.

I invite Mr Clark to visit the BOP Cancer office at 98 14th avenue to discuss the concerns raised in his letter.

And here is my reply to Mr Ingram

I am sorry that Mr Ingram disputes the facts of a recent study on socialised medicine, and the comparisons of cancer survival rates of the British (government-run health system) and the American private systems.

Mr Ingram has taken these facts personally, which is unfortunate, as there is no doubt that the practitioners operating in our die-while-you-wait system are of the highest calibre and aptitude. However the facts of the study remain, regardless of Mr Ingrams thoughts and wishes. By being forced to pay for the over-worked, under-paid, under-resourced government-run system, New Zealanders are also prevented from purchasing into the superior PRIVATE healthcare system. ALL Government-run health systems prevent people from receiving the very best medical care available when they want it! They reduce waiting lists by making it harder to qualify for them, instead of by medical procedures and surgery! Come on Mr Ingram! If there were no benefits to private healthcare why would people pay the expensive premiums? They do it because they get better service, and healthcare when they WANT it, NOT when a government bureaucrat says they can have it! Mr Ingram does his profession no justice in his attempt to justify the “emperor’s new clothes” theory.


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