Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This man has had ENOUGH

Last night I had a phone call from a very nice man who has "had enough!"

In fact, he has had "so much" that he wants to start doing something about it, and he and another businessman in town are recruiting individuals whom he also believes have had enough, and wants to start a group or organisation on the same lines as The Sensible Sentencing Trust, as a watchdog on local council, and government.

He is tired of the light sentences handed down to criminals and lowlife scum.
He is tired of them being let out on bail and reduced time.
He is tired of council frivolously spending ratepayers money on monuments of grandeur.
He is tired of the under-achievements of the government run health and education systems.
He is tired of criminals getting away with petty crime because there are not enough police to bring them to justice.
He is tired of socialist governments taking his money and giving to people to whom he does not approve.
. . . and that is just the start.

This very pleasant, energetic, quietly spoken, intelligent man in his early 70's wants to do something about these things, and he wants to gather like-minded people not as a protest group, but as a group dedicated to making people aware about what is being done to them by successive socialist governments and over-bearing Nanny-statism

He asked me if I thought these things were getting worse because we have a socialist government.

I told him that the National party were exactly the same, and things would not improve with a National government, who were in my view ALSO a socialist party.

This man tracked me down, and asked me to join him, after reading my letters to the newspaper, and agreeing with most of what I have to say.

I explained to him that I was a Libertarian, and that every one of my letters was based upon the principle of the non-initiation of force, which I explained to him.

I declined his offer to join him, as I was not prepared to compromise on my principles, and that it was my adherence to them that had endeared him, or made him agree with the content of my letters.

We spoke on the telephone for over an hour concerning all of this.

We spoke concerning the war on drugs, and how prohibition never has and never will work, no matter how much money was pumped into it.

He was very anti drugs, and could not agree with my views that drugs should be legal, although he did appear interested when I explained that no matter who disagrees, some people will take drugs one way or another - legal or not, and they would find a way to get hold of them, as they do now even when they are locked up in nannys correctional facilities.

That most druggies would be more than happy to sit at home and blow their own brains out, but have to resort to robbing me and him just to get the money to do so, and for that reason us INNOCENT people are victimised.

Should drug takers with even LESS brains STILL decide to take dangerous drugs like P, and become a physical threat to society, then they should be stopped doing so by those who are paid to PROTECT US from the use of force, threats and violence.

I explained my belief that many of these things were brought about by the ever increasing grasp of nanny-state on our lives, and the loss of personal responsibility (to which he was already aware and in agreement) and as long as the government were in control of the education system, these things would continue to get worse.

The situation we find ourselves in now has evolved through years of government interference in our lives, and we now have GENERATIONS who believe this is the ONLY way things can be, and that there are NO OPTIONS, because they have not been taught at school that there ARE BETTER and MORE MORAL alternatives to the use of force.

I said that I would continue doing what I do, and would support him when they said things I agreed with, but would not compromise my principles.

I wished him all the best, and that he should keep me informed of his progress.


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