Saturday, January 05, 2008

Scumbags sentence is MEANS TESTED!

A little 17 year old scumbag got drunk in town, and smashed 7 windows of one of the local pubs.

He got caught, and was given 20 hours community service.

Because he was unemployed, he was not made to pay for the damages - that was left up to the pub owner.

The newspaper story says he was MEANS TESTED on his ability to pay, - what a BLOODY OUTRAGE.

Here is my letter to the paper concerning this story.


I am outraged at the pathetic sentence handed down to the 17 year-old vandal who smashed windows but was not made to pay for them.

I am more outraged that his sentence was MEANS TESTED!

A crime is a crime REGARDLESS of a persons bank ballance, or whether they have a job or not!

In this PC world that so many of you encourage, a filthy capitalist - with a job, or assets, will be penalised, while those poor downtrodden souls without a job, money or assets gets away scott-free!

Where is the justice in this? I wonder if this person had a mobile phone, a pair of Nikes and a labelled t-shirt though!

Contrary to what those of you who support nanny-state government say, I believe a child should be the responsibility of it’s parents until the day it get a job, leaves home and takes responsibility for its own life and actions. Until that day (no age limit - it should be up to the parents) they should be the responsibility of their parents, and THEY should be responsible for the childs actions, and made to pay.

This is not Justice. It is time these so-called professionals in the justice system were brought to account, as it appears the outrageous amount of money they get paid severelly affects their ability to THINK and make rational judgement!


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