Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WHY The Electoral Finances Bill SUCKS

The idea behind the Electoral Finances Bill is supposedly to level the playing field, but this evil piece of legislation due to become law very soon will have exactly the opposite effect.
The Labour Party want it introduced so as
to STOP those with money, from supporting a political group who share the same ideas, philosophy as they do. It is specifically designed to STOP people spending their OWN money on things they want to spend it on. In doing so it effectively PREVENTS THEM from PROTECTING their own interests or their property or income from the looters, highwaymen and other lowlifes that would wrestle and steal it from them, and that does not sound right to me! Not PC explains it PERFECTLY in the simple statement here:
"If you are offended by people donating to parties who support their views, then get over it, and get some better ideas yourself."
This is how I see it - This is a little simplistic, but I am trying to find a way to explain how it works, and why it is unjust: So, For example: The BLUE Political group is made up of people who wish to work hard, earn their own money, and spend it on their business to expand it and make it more successful, in order to spend it on anything they want. (Better health care, education, lifestyle, food, recreation - you name it)
They also want to retain the right to VOICE their disagreement with those who would steal their rights and their property.
The RED Political Group is made up of people who do not wish to work hard, but wish to obtain benefit from the money and benefits that are earned by those who DO wish to work hard. They want to STOP people from screaming whilst they violate their rights and property!

They wish to GAG them, so they cannot defend their property.
The RED group are allowed to spend $100 on advertising.

To convince the public to vote for THEM, They PROMISE that they will GIVE to anybody that votes for them, a whole bunch of money and things that they did not EARN! - call it a BRIBE!
Of course, that means that the RED GROUP will have to TAKE IT - STEAL IT - TAX IT - from those who HAVE EARNED IT (The BLUE Group)! in order to then hand it out. Human nature being what it is - everybody wants something for nothing - this is a VERY attractive concept to some - to those with a less moral conscience about where that money comes from. The BLUE GROUP also have $100 to spend on advertising.

Unfortunately, the things they have to offer are a lot less attractive.

What they have to offer is only attractive to those with a more MORAL or PRINCIPLED view of property rights.
They offer the ability to WORK (no incentive to those who do NOT want to work!) and to keep what you earn!

This is hardly as attractive a proposition as to NOT WORK, but get something for nothing is it?
The Red political party wish to stay in power, and continue stealing from the group who EARN MONEY, and giving it to a group who DO NOT earn it. They do not wish to do it by persuassion, or by choice, they intend to do it by FORCE and COMPULSION. To ensure they stay in power, they wish to introduce the ELECTORAL FINANCES BILL, which as I say, removes the ability of people to PROTECT their own private property Because the BLUE group do not agree with this concept, they have been protesting! The RED group do not like this - they do not see WHY they should speak up for their property rights, for their morals and principles. Well, to THEM I repeat: "If you are offended by people donating to parties who support their views, then get over it, and get some better ideas yourself."

Come early next year, my blog The Tomahawk Kid will be ILLEGAL!

Come early next year, it will be ILLEGAL for me to voice my opinion like this.


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