Monday, December 03, 2007

Parking Wardens are SCUM

There is nothing that really makes my skin crawl more than the sight of a parking warden, frothing at the bung in a frenzy of activity on a sunny, summer, sunday morning outside a church, school fete or market.

What kind of a person does one have to be to get up that early on a Sunday, and head off to some destination out of the city where people are gathering for a peaceful morning of worship or jumble rummaging, to issue parking infringement notices.

On the weekend I stood watching one such council employed lowlife alpha-numerically and systematically spoil the day for numerous unsuspecting victims out for a pleasant morning at the local market.

One person, actually parked with wheels inside the parking zone, but with boot hanging outside the area - still leaving the driveway behind him clear ,was mercilessly given a ticket, while another, parked on a wide grass verge, not obstructing man or beast felt the wrath of the wardens savage pen.

Some young guy - not as opposed to vociferously sharing his view of the lineage of the wardens parents as some of the other more compliant sheeple - became quite aggressive both verbally and visually, and I thought I was going to witness an assault right there and then on this lovely morning. Fortunately he just informed the warden that he would find out where he lived, and would sort him out on some other occasion, which I thought was quite considerate of him seeing as it was the sabbath and all.

So, what kind of person actually volunteers to do this kind of dirty work on behalf of the local councils around the country.

I mean forgive me if I am incorrect, but are these people not like those who appeased Hitler or Stalin? The old excuse of " But they are just doing their job" doesn't work for me! Thats what the guys running the gas chambers said!

Appeasers are the worst kind of scum I reckon because they KNOW what they are doing is Wrong, or Bad or questionable, but go ahead and do it anyway.

********* STOP PRESS:
Heres the rub - the Coup de grace, the Icing on the cake or even Karma if you will

Whilst on my lunchbreak today, I followed the very same lowlife I was talking about in the article above, approach my car I asked him if he was going to write me a ticket, and he said welly, you have been here for an awfully long time.

I said I had moved my car in that time - I had been out (of the car park) and came back
He said my chalk mark says you have not.

He THEN walked to the back of my car to check for a chalk mark which was almost under the tyre
I said I reversed out of the space, and had driven back in. He said "you are not allowed to do that - you have to DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK and give somebody else the chance to park there." I asked him where it said this in the parking rules, to which he would not answer

He said the chalk mark would have worn off EVEN IF I DID JUST BACK OUT AND COME BACK IN"
So, I did this - reversing to the other side of the road and back - just as I had done earlier, while he stood and watched.

The Parking attendant WITNESSED that THE MARK WAS IN THE SAME POSITION, AND AS CLEAR AS HE HAD MARKED IT - He stood and witnessed me do so!

While I did this, he started writing me a parking ticket.
Even After I had moved OUT of the space and then back in again! I aked questions to the warden in a friendly, and non-confrontational manner, but he continued to write my ticket - handed it to me and walked off. So now I have a REALLY PERSONAL Dislike of parking scum, and have to pay $30 for the privilege.

I shall write and contest the ticket, but dont hold much hope of winning. - worth a crack though

What kind of physical traits would be ideal to complete a satisfactory days work as a parking warden?

Here are a few suggestions of my own

Being Deaf wouldnt hurt.

6ft 8in and built like Arnie

Sexy female wearing a bikini? :-)

or even a Hairy MALE in a bikini :-(

A Monobrow

An AK47

Terets Syndrome

A Jehovas Witness


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