Monday, November 12, 2007

Lack of principle

I sympathise with the comments made by Bill Turner, but I am afraid it is due to the lack of principle by such people that we find ourselves in this cursed museum debate in the first place!

People who believe they have a right to spend - unearned - the wages of others!

Mr Turner thinks it is OK to steal money from other people and spend it on a Library, but it is NOT OK to spend it on a Museum, whereas, others in the community may believe the opposite, (while Crs Dillon and Pankhurst are just plain greedy and want both - and anything else they can think of besides!)

Museum, Library, tiddly-winks centre - whats the difference?

If Mr Turner wants to play the “game” under the rules as they are now (ie using stolen money) then he must be equally prepared to be “shafted” by those in power with their own ideas on what to spend it on! A more moral and just system would be to keep your own money and spend it on projects of your choice - that way EVERYBODY is happy - nobody is shafted, and nobody gets robbed! Unfortunately there are far too many out there who want to interfere in the lives of others and say how they should spend ther wages!


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