Monday, November 12, 2007

The Brain - A limited resource

I get the feeling that some people think [sic] that the brain is a limited resource!

They are too scared to use it, and think for themselves in case they use it all up, and have none left for when they may need it again!

To save wasting those precious brain cells, they just blindly go along with the mob so as to keep a few in reserve for an emergency!

Well, I say to hell with it - do your best - go ahead and use them all up! Why put off till tomorrow something you can do today!

Get those brain cells jiggling about up there!

Create a bit of friction and see if you can get an original thought out of the process.

It’s getting tiresome hearing the “thought impaired” chanting for the same old use of force peddled out by all those stalwarts of compulsion.

What ever happened to a little individual and innovative thought - a little individual action?

I think it has been conditioned out of the majority of the population in much the same way as it has with the all Blacks - by the purveyors of political correctness and nannys brainwashing centres (sorry, government run schools)


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