Monday, July 16, 2007

Why are our teens going astray?

There was a full page article in the Bay of Plenty Times on Saturday asking the above question.

Asking Why are so many children wanting to leave school at 14, 15, 16 before they are allowed to!

Why are so many children wagging and just not attending school?

They called for the usual "Get tough on parents" thing

Fine the parents.

Force the kids to go to school etc etc.

Here is my letter to the editor concerning the topic.

It’s a case of the turkeys coming home to roost!
Blame the 1 size fits all government-run education system!
We’re only products of our parents says Richard Shore (Police youth aid officer), and he’s correct. (for the following reason!)

Where did the majority of parents of the children going astray get THEIR education!

How to fix it!

Remove government from the education system.

Refund the money taken by force from parents and let them spend it on education that best suits the needs of THEIR children. One look at the statistics of private education over government-run education leaves no doubt about this fact.

There are youngsters with amazing talents in music (Smokefree rockfest), arts (taggers, carvers) computers (hackers and gamers), mechanics (boy racers) performing arts and sports (rugby, league, skaters, surfers) etc screaming for an outlet for their talents, instead they’re forced to sit in an english class where they DON’T learn to read or spell, and are allowed to answer exams in TEXT language!

There’s an income to be earnt in achieving in ALL of the above areas, but nanny knows best, and continues to FORCE your darling little "Square peg" into her "round hole!"

MORE government interference will ensure MORE of the same problems.

All those people asking for MORE of what caused the problem will not fix it. It will simply make it worse.

As for FORCING the kids to stay at school - what good will that do?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

or will there be armed guards on the door of each classroom to ensure they don’t leave?


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