Monday, July 02, 2007

Save the Kiwi (Yawn)

This may sound like the start of a stupid joke - in fact it IS a stupid joke! Unfortunately the situation is real, and we read about it ion a regular basis. Now, they say the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, but lets forget that for a moment (the powers that be obviously have!) Anyway, here we go! A cow, a sheep, a chicken and a kiwi all line up for the start of a race. In true PC fashion there is a reward for just completing the race - the reward is survival! All animals are unfettered and have an equal opportunity of reaching the finish line, until just before the starting gun, a government official walks up to the kiwi, and puts a ball and chain around its ankle! The gun goes off, and in no time the cow, the sheep, and the chicken all reach the finish line, while the kiwi is nowhere to be seen! The most significant point of difference between all these animals is that 3 of them enjoy the benefit of property rights, and one does not! oh yes, and one has a ball and chain marked - in big white letters - MAF! If you REALLY wish to save the kiwi, remove the handicap and give it the same privileges held by other species that live in profusion and are NOT threatened by extinction. Give Mr Tegel and Mr Braemar a chance to show what they can really do!


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