Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Evils of Communism

This post - A TRIBUTE TO COMMUNISM - is a cut and paste direct from David Farrars blog HERE, and is well worth a look, just to remind you of where WE are heading, and the importance of putting up a fight to make sure that we DONT!

This five minute video is a good reminder of the evils of communism. It ignores the rhetoric and shows us that countries with all-powerful states, always end up with all-powerful supreme leaders. Repressive leadership is not an accidental by-product of communism, but a natural consequence.

The video has footage of the states that built walls with armed guards to stop their citizens from leaving, how in 1932 Stalin seized all food from the Ukraine for the collective good. Seven million Ukranians died - 25% of their population. Mao's planned economy was even worse.

Just as we should never forget the Holocaust, likewise we should never forget the evils of communism.

Thank you David


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