Monday, April 23, 2007

Gun Licence - Dog Licence

32 people murdered by a gunman at Virginia Tech.
The gun laws didn't do anything for these people did they? - NO - In fact exactly the opposite! If just 1 of the victims - or anybody else on campus for that matter had been carrying a gun, 31 of those people could still be alive today!

Yesterday, a woman in the Waikato was mauled to death by two dogs!
Were these dogs licenced? - NO!

People who wish to break the law, will do so, regardless of the rules and laws put in place by mindless, knee-jerk reactions by bureaucrats. They always have done, and they always will do.

So long as we give unprincipled clowns the go ahead to make policies based upon their feelings and emotions as opposed to basic, solid principle all we will get is MORE OF THE SAME!
THEREFORE, it is in part YOUR FAULT! -

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the PROBLEM!
Time to start engaging the brain in its key role - that of THINKING if you wish to see a change in results


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