Friday, March 09, 2007

Tauranga Councillor hits nail on head!

A letter to the local newspaper commenting on a column written by one of the councillors.
And at the same time a lesson in the value of money.

I found Councillor Terry Molloys column in the Bay News rather disconcerting, but at the same time he hit the nail on the head with some of his commentary, and I would like to make comment on those things.

First of all I am one of those people who amazes him! - not for the fact that I write probing letters exposing the immoral and un-principled views and demands of the local socialists, but for the fact that I am one who believes council should ONLY be involved in ESSENTIAL SERVICES ie - rubbish, roads and sewage.

Ask any ratepayer what their major concerns are, and these three will pop up because it is in these things the council do not deliver to their employers (ratepayers) the very best they should because they are involved in doing things they SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN - things that private enterprise can do better and more efficiently, and without FORCED responsibility to the ratepayers.

He states he is not an arty person, he is pragmatic grumpy ex rugby playing ex farmer! EXACTLY MY POINT! So what makes him and the other councillors insist on being involved in the entertainment industry? Exactly how are they qualified, and why do they insist on GAMBLING multi-million dollars sums of other peoples money in the entertainment industry?

To know and respect the TRUE value of money it must be earnt. This is the reason these things should be left to the private sector.

Let me explain it this way:

When you spend your money on yourself, you're keen to get the thing you want most at the best price. (Think middle-aged man haggling with a car dealer.)

When you spend your money on other people, you still want a bargain but you're less interested in pleasing the recipients of your spending. (That's why children get underwear at Christmas.)

When you spend other people's money on yourself, you get what you want but price concerns go out the window. (ie Second wives, riding around with the middle-aged men in the expensive car, who shop at MOOCHI (think girl heaven) as this type of spender.)

When you spend other people's money on other people you don't give a damn.

That would be council or government.

So don't blame Terry and his colleagues for your high rates bill. If you want lower rates, you need to wean yourselves off council services and the belief that the answer to every problem is that the council or government ought to "do something". It's not just a case of them doing more with less money. It's about them doing less with less.

When that realisation dawns, you may discover that most things the council can do, you can do better and a whole lot cheaper.


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