Monday, January 08, 2007

Very Grumpy YOUNG Man Vs Thieving Chardonnay Socialist old BAG

This is a letter in the BOP Times aimed at me, after my letters concerning drugs and alchohol (see Ban Jim Neanderton below)
This letter was sent in by Mry Brook - the same woman I have been contesting in regards to the museum.
Below is my letter to her in reply:
Not only do we have murder and mayhem caused by alchohol and drugs in the news, we have BOP Times columnists and letter writers who show the forces of ignorance and selfishness are alive and kicking.
Please grumpy old men of Tauranga stop your grizzling and lighten up
Show vision and sense of altruism and write positive letters to better Tauranga for ourselves our grandchildren and their children.
Mary Brook

My Reply

I have an acute dislike of chardonnay Socialists - a term used to describe those on the political left with comfortable middle-class (or better) incomes, tertiary education, and a taste for the finer things in life, who want to save the world, hug trees and use force upon others (for their own good of course) to get them to do things THEY think are good for them, but only when it suits them, or they benefit from it! They are the most unprincipled of all socialists, and they show a constant disregard for the rights and property of others. They often have the right goal at heart, but are extremely misguided in attaining it, as they do not care whose rights are compromised in achieving it.

I have found that these individuals get most upset when the likes of myself put up a struggle in an attempt to prise their theiving fingers and their interfering minds from my property and private life.
How dare I try to defend my wages when it could be much better spent by some bureaucrat or another on a museum, art gallery, or whatever else they think is good for me. Well I'm sorry to be an inconvenience, but I shall continue to fight the looters off at every opportunity for the sake of my children, grand-children and their children - they get no quarter (or a POSITIVE letter in their regard) from me!


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