Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ban Jim Neanderton

The one-dimensional thinking [sic] mindless wonders are at it again! Jim Neandertons latest hobby-horse is to ban party pills - yawn -
They say you cant teach old dogs new tricks, and it is obvious that this old dog has learnt absolutely NOTHING from the same boring old tricks that have been trotted-out by interfering busybodies world-wide in the effort to stop some people doing things to their own bodies that they disapprove of! Let us just think a LITTLE BIT about the situation. First of all I must make the point that DRUGS ARE BAD. I personally abhor, and do not take mind-altering, reality-altering substances, although with the reality of Jim Neanderton as Health Minister, and Trevor Mallard as Education (or any) Minister! I have been sorely tempted to indulge in order to blot my mind of their stupidity and my contempt for them! This is how I see It The relatively harmless Party pills are legal. If you make them ILLEGAL, they will be automatically on the same par as much more harmful drugs like P. If they are made illegal, the government - or JIM NEANDERTON will INSTANTLY be handing over YET ANOTHER multi-billion dollar industry to the gangs and criminal underworld. People who still wish to take party pills - and there will be PLENTY who will according to the (grossly distorted) survey completed by Massey University (see legal party pill use) - will be forced to purchase them from un-registered dealers, gangs and crooks. Prices of Party pills will become extremely inflated due to them being illegal. The strength of the party pills will be increased in the need to be less conspicuous ( instead of a dealer having to sell and conceal multiples of 3 pills, the strength will be trippled, and so only one pill will be necessary. - Some people will still insist on taking 3 - which increases the chances of overdose etc. Unscrupulous crooks will be selling Bags of P alongside bags of party pills, and wont care which one you buy Innocent, regular everyday People will be robbed, burgled and mugged - not by people ON DRUGS, by by those who WANT DRUGS AND CANT AFFORD TO PURCHASE THEM at the artificially-inflated government prohibition prices. I predict that in DIRECT RELATION to legislation implemented by government ministers like Jim Anderton - ministers who are employed by us to PROTECT us from harm -the lives and businesses of innocent people will be be put in danger. Instead of protecting us, we will be put in danger in direct relation to such legislation Here are some of the culprits you will need to thank when this legislation is passed. Jacquie Dean: National (socialist) party Jim Neanderton: Jim First (think second) Party Barbara Stewart: NZ First Under which particular rock is it that these people have been living? How is it that people so OBLIVIOUS to what actually goes on in the real world around them can become ministers of other peoples business!


Blogger Julian Pistorius said...

Well-put Graham.

I think what you're seeing in these ministers-of-meddling, is just the pinnacle of a culture of disapproving busybodies poking their noses in other people's affairs. Until that culture changes, and people start minding their own business, the Neandertons of this world will just be encouraged by the busybodies at large.


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