Thursday, December 21, 2006

Model Citizen

Congratulations HM Craig - on the governments "model citizen" test you would score 10 out of 10!
You have listened to their propaganda and believed every word of it, and can recite it at will!
I on the other hand put more belief in facts!

A fact is a fact - reality is what it is regardless of your thoughts or wishes.

Something taken from somebody against their will is theft, no matter how you hold your tongue when you say it!

Because government call it by another name (tax) makes no difference to the fact!

Mr Craig has such a low view of peoples benevolence that he believes the only way to give people a "fair deal" (sic) is by implementing the most uncivilised actions of all - the use of force.

He believes you cannot be trusted to help other people in need, so you must be forced!

He believes we are not capable of educating our children or taking care of our health without the government doing it for us!

HM Craig states that we have police, health, education, defence and pensions funded by tax and run by government.

Every election year the things most New Zealanders are concerned about because they are in such poor shape are - yes, you guessed it - the same things!

For the same reason there is no fish and chip or grocery or car or shoe crisis, because as yet they are NOT run by the government - but I'm sure, if enough acolytes the likes of HM Craig put it to them they could fix that in no time!


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