Friday, December 15, 2006

Notoriety - at last!

Looks like freedom of speech really is under attack here in Godzone - just read the report posted below, as featured on Liberty Scott and NotPC.

As you will see The Tomahawk Kid gets a mention in there as well.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be placed up there alongside some of these free-thinking individuals.

In response to widespread community concern (more like Labour party officials and supporters, beneficiaries and local council bureaucrats - TTK) about the untrammelled and biased perspectives presented in New Zealand political blogs, the Minister of Information Technology, Daffid Cantlift announced that all blogs would be subject to a licensing regime and be subject to regulation by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

“It is unfair and discriminatory for blogs to exist that can promote neo-Nazi, fundamentalist Christian, neo-liberal and other points of view without giving balanced space and time to alternatives” said Cantlift at his press conference today.
“We will be giving notice than all blogs produced and published in New Zealand will have to apply for a blogcasting licence, which will be at modest cost, putting the blog under the BSA’s jurisdiction”. Cantlift noted that while industry self regulation was an option, “the widespread hatred, lies and distortion from the right wing blogosphere was cancerous and corrosive to our democracy”, the licensing regime would ensure that blogs could not express an opinion without giving a tolerant alternative point of view. “Clearly this will not apply to informative blogs” said Cantlift, although he refused to respond to enquiries about whether he knew of such blogs he did say “blogs simply publicising what is government policy and the implications of the great problems of our day, such as climate change, would be free to continue to do their good work. These are in stark contrast to those using insulting, even blasphemous language”.
When asked what blogs were clearly causing concern, Cantlift said it was inappropriate to single any one out, so he simply listed the following:

Sir Humphrey’s

Whale Oil Beef Hooked
Oswald Bastable’s rantings
Not PC
The Free Speech blog
New Zeal

Blair Mulholland
Cactus Kate

Insolent Prick
Silent Running
Pacific Empire
Julian Pistorius
Tomahawk Kid

Elliot Who
Southern Gent

Crusader Rabbit
Andrew Falloon

Lindsay Mitchell


Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Get fucked

2:56 am  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

I do! - at every opportunity!
But please elaborate WHY I should do so at your request?

Has this post offended you somehow?\

I cant imagine why, as you are keeping pretty good company!

9:01 am  

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